Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Anniversary Trip: Days 1 & 2

David and I are in Chattanooga on our anniversary trip, and we're having so much fun! We got here yesterday afternoon, and we just explored downtown Chattanooga a little bit and ate dinner. We are staying in a darling little Bed and Breakfast, and we came back after dinner and had hot chocolate and watched a movie :)

Today, we were able to sleep in and then have breakfast before setting out for the day. We went to Rock City and walked around for a long time. It was really fun and so nice because it wasn't crowded AT ALL. We finally got to the top and were so excited about the amazing views we were supposed to see. This is what we saw:Ha! Of course we would pick a super foggy day to do something like this! Oh well, we still enjoyed ourselves and saw some other fun things :)Kissing Shadows ;)
After seeing Rock City, we went to lunch at a little cafe that was so good, and we stuffed ourselves! Then, because we hadn't gotten enough walking in that morning, we headed to Ruby Falls and walked some more. Only this time, we we hundreds of feet underground. This was neat too, but Rock City was my favorite. I guess being underground in small spaces surrounded by rocks on all sides isn't really my thing ;)(We have more pictures of the Falls and other things that I tried to post, but when I uploaded them, the pictures look FUNKY. You can see that some of the pictures I did post are kind of messed up, too. They look fine on our computer, so I have no clue what's going on, but I'm not going to take the time to try to sort it out now.)

By the time we finished at Ruby Falls, I was ready for some down time! I usually like to go go go when we're on vacation, but with all the walking and being pregnant, I was wanting to rest for a little while. We came back to the B&B for a snack, and I took a short nap while David read. We then went to dinner at a great Italian place and walked around the art district for a while.Now we're just back at the B&B and I think we're going to watch another movie tonight. We're such exciting people! :) I'm thankful that we have this time to get away and spend time together one-on-one. We miss Aubrey and Jude, but they are having so much fun with my family. Aubrey says she misses us, but she won't talk to us on the phone so far. Silly girl! :)

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