Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Anniversary Trip: Day 4

So I guess it's about time to wrap up our vacation posts, yes?? ;) Friday was our last day in Chattanooga, and it was pouring down rain and cold. Since we needed an indoor activity, we decided to go to the Tennessee Aquarium. We had heard a lot about it, and it was supposed to be really nice. We saw lots of fish (duh) and had a nice time.David touched some kind of fish, but I passed!
Look! It's Nemo :) We thought of Aubrey when we saw these fish.

There are two different buildings, so we took a little lunch stop between buildings. After getting some nourishment, we were ready to tackle the second part of the aquarium!Just hanging with the penguins ;)
My favorite part was probably the butterfly room. It was a great place to practice with some of our camera settings.After we had seen it all, it was still early afternoon. So, we went to a big mall to try to do some Christmas shopping. It turns out the mall was crazy crowded (should have known it would be since it was so close to Christmas), and we didn't really find anything we were looking for. I did get to go into a few stores that we don't have at home (Home Goods and World Market), so that was fun. After we had had enough of the insane crowds, we headed back to our Bed and Breakfast. We relaxed for a little while and got ready for dinner. We were going on a dinner cruise that night, and I was so excited! We went on a dinner cruise on our honeymoon in Vancouver, so it was fun to do the same thing on our anniversary tripWhile we were waiting to board, we had some fun in the gift shop. Ha! Dinner on the ship was SO much fun! We had a nice candlelit dinner: And a sweet lady took our picture together. We were able to wander around the ship, but it was SO COLD, so I mostly left that up to David. City Lights.
I did venture out for a quick picture :)
Santa even made an appearance during our cruise, and we sang Christmas carols. It was such a great night!! We headed back to the B&B after the cruise and pack up to head home the next day. We had an amazing time together, but we were very excited to get home to Aubrey and Jude!

I can't end these posts without saying what a great experience we had at the Bed and Breakfast where we stayed. We stayed at the Chanticleer Inn, and it was just SO nice! The breakfasts were amazing, the atmosphere was charming, and the people who worked there were so nice and helpful. If you're looking for somewhere to stay in Chattanooga, I would definitely recommend it!

Also, a BIG thank you to my mom for keeping the kids for us so that we could get away! It was so nice knowing that they were in good hands and that we didn't have to worry about them. I think they wore her out (Jude decided it would be a good idea to get up at 6AM while we were gone), but she never complained (to us - haha). I know Aubrey and Jude had so much fun with her, and I'm pretty sure they didn't even miss us much :) Thanks, Mom!!

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