Sunday, December 18, 2011

Anniversary Trip: Day 3

David and I are home from our vacation! We got home yesterday afternoon, and we had such a fun getaway, but we were happy to get back home to our babies. I think they were happy to see us, too :) I wanted to go ahead and finish recapping our trip while it is still fresh!

Thursday was our anniversary, and we woke up to an overcast, drizzly day. We decided to have a low-key day and just enjoy spending time together. We ate breakfast and the B&B, and then we went downtown. We were planning on going to Coolidge Park, but it was starting to rain, and we were having trouble finding a parking place, so we decided to just skip that. We went to a huge antique mall instead and walked around looking for a long time. I LOVE antique malls! :) We ate lunch in town after we finished, and then we headed back up Lookout Mountain. We stopped at Point Park and walked around and took some pictures. It was really pretty even though the weather wasn't great.
We thought this looked like one of those little Bonsai trees!
Taking a little rest :)
We ran into a nice couple on the trail who offered to take our picture. Always appreciated!

We stayed at Point Park as long as my pregnancy bladder would allow -- haha! We then headed back to the Bed and Breakfast, and I took a nap while David did some stuff on the computer. Then we got ready for our anniversary dinner. Terrible picture (of me) but this is the only one we got that night.

We ate at this place called Canyon Grill, and it was REALLY good but out in the middle of nowhere (or so it seemed). Ha! We had a nice leisurely dinner, and it was great :) We went back to the Bed and Breakfast after dinner and ate some dessert there. When we got back to our room, we finished off the day by watching our wedding DVD. We always watch it on our anniversary, and it's such a fun tradition!

There is still one more day of our vacation that I want to write about, but it's getting late, so I'll save it for later. Obviously, since this is what we did this week, I won't do a Week in Review post too. :)


Sarah Denley said...

I keep seeing of these pictures of you hiking in cute shoes. I don't think I could do that normally and certainly not 26 weeks pregnant! Seems like such a fun trip!

Gray Marchetti said...

Please tell me my embarrassing comment is not still on yalls wedding video! I think I said something like "Ok let's go party now??" I just remember laughing so much when I first watched it with you...

Carrie said...

Oh, it's still on there, Gray! Makes me laugh everytime ;) Haha!