Tuesday, November 15, 2011

New Look and Nice Men

First I just want to say a big THANK YOU to my sweet blog friend, Alexis. She offered to redesign my blog for me, and I think it turned out so cute! I am feeling the itch to pull out the Christmas decorations for our house, but I haven't done it yet. So, it was fun to at least be able to "decorate" the blog for Christmas :) Thank you so much, Alexis!!

Next I just wanted to record a couple things Aubrey has said. Several weeks ago, Aubrey saw the garbage truck coming down our street, and she was very interested in everything that was going on with that. I told her that those men were picking up our trash. She then said something about the "yucky men" who were picking up our yucky trash. That led me to launch into a speech about how the men weren't yucky. I told her that they were people just like us, and that it was nice of them to pick up our trash. I explained that picking up the trash was their job and we should be thankful that they were doing their job. Well, I think she got the message. She now refers to them as "those nice boys who pick up our trash." We were driving down a busy street today and we saw a garbage truck. There were no men on the back of the truck, of course, since they weren't picking up trash at the time. Aubrey said, "Mommy, look! There is a garbage truck! But where are the nice men who pick up trash?" Haha! I think she's just the cutest! :)

Also, we've had some issues with Aubrey staying quiet during "naptime." I don't expect her to sleep and I'm fine with her playing, but it needs to be quiet play since Jude is sleeping across the hall. I have to go up to her room occasionally to remind her to play quietly. Today before naptime, she told me, "I'm going to try really hard to be quiet. But if I'm not quiet, I'm going to be very sorry." I guess I can't ask for much more than that! ;)


Amy said...

love the new look...so festive! and the little hat on the "c" in carrie is so cute! :)
aubrey cracks me up. calling the garbage men "nice boys" and "nice men" reminds me of my nana. i can hear her saying, "those nice young men that pick up our trash..." haha! :)

Anonymous said...

Love the new look and love all of Aubrey's cute little funnies. :)

Ashley said...

I miss you and wish I could hear all of the Aubreyisms in person!

The Williams Family said...

Love the new look! Aubrey is so funny and I'm sure more funny stories are coming!!

Alexis said...

So sorry I'm so late to comment, but it was a pleasure to give you some blog pretties!! Hope you enjoy it. :)