Thursday, September 1, 2011

A Series of Unfortunate Events: Part 2

So, after the millipede incident, we had a pretty calm weekend. Then things got interesting again on Tuesday. Aubrey refused a nap, and after she had spent a good amount of time in her bed, I went and got her. Jude was napping, and I was sitting in one of our chairs in the living room looking at a magazine while Aubrey played. She came over to me and tried to climb over the arm of the chair to sit in my lap. This all happened so fast, so I'm not really even totally sure how it happened, but she somehow ended up flipping over the arm of the chair onto our brick floors. She literally did a back flip in the air, and landed with a splat on the floor. I was so freaked out that I just grabbed her up off the ground and didn't really even pay attention to how she landed. She was hysterical. She was crying so hard that she couldn't catch her breath, and I started to get super scared that she had hurt her neck. She ended up crying for 20 solid minutes, and that is extremely unusual for her. She's the type child who kind of fusses when she hurts herself, and she cries briefly when she REALLY hurts herself. She always calms down pretty quickly after a kiss and some love. Not that day, though.

David got home, and Aubrey was still crying. She had calmed enough to point to where it hurt, and she pointed to her shoulder/neck vicinity, which scared me even more. David and I were really thinking we might have to take her to the ER. She would stop crying, but then if she moved very much at all, she would start back and say, "It still hurts!" It was so sad. We called the pediatrician before they closed, and at first they said we should probably go to the ER. But then they said if she calmed down and could move her fingers, toes, and walk normally, we could just watch her closely (and they gave us several things to watch for). At first, Aubrey refused to get up and walk. We were all prepared to have to go to the ER, but then Jude woke up. When Aubrey heard him, she jumped up and ran up the stairs to his room. She acted more normal after that, but she did complain about it hurting on and off the rest of the night. We noticed that she was really holding her left arm still, and when she would move it too much is when she would cry and say it hurt. We were pretty sure it was her collar bone by the end of the evening.

Aubrey woke up crying several times in the night, and I knew I wanted to take her to the doctor to have her checked out as soon as we got up the next day. Our pediatrician just sent us straight to a place to have it x-rayed after I described what was going on over the phone. I am SO thankful that David was with us, because there was NO WAY I could have handled both kids by myself at the x-ray place. Aubrey freaked out over the x-ray. David went in with her, and I stayed out in the hall with Jude, and I could hear Aubrey screaming. It broke my heart to hear her so upset. The verdict was that her collar bone was indeed fractured. They sent the x-rays to Aubrey's pediatrician, and she wanted Aubrey to see a pediatric orthopedist. We had to wait for that doctor's office to call back to set up the appointment, so we all went and ate lunch at Wendy's and just waited. Jude was exhausted by this point (it was around noon), so when the doctor's office called to say the appointment wouldn't be until 1:45, David and I decided that I needed to take Jude home. I hated to leave Aubrey, but Jude couldn't take anymore.

David took Aubrey to her appointment, and after the doctor looked at her x-rays, he decided not to wrap or sling it. He said if Aubrey was in daycare, he probably would, but since she's at home full-time, he didn't think it was necessary. It's a pretty "minor" fracture, and Aubrey really is doing a good job of keeping that arm still on her own. The doctor said Aubrey would be feeling better within a few days, she would be able to move it normally in two weeks, and she would be ready to try out for the NFL in a month. Ha!

By the time David and Aubrey got home, it was around 3:30. So, we had literally spent the day in doctors offices. It was a LONG day. Poor Aubrey was exhausted and in pain and not real happy. She was able to take a short nap, and she was feeling well enough to go to church that night. I'm thankful that it was "just" her collar bone. It really could have been much worse. It also reminded me how quickly things can happen. She was literally on top of me when this happened, and it's just proof that God is the One who ultimately protects our children. You can literally be standing over them, and they can still break a bone or worse. I don't want to become a total worry wart, but I do need to pray protection over my children diligently.

Unfortunately, there is a Part 3 to this little series. When I first started these posts yesterday, I didn't know there would be a Part 3, but we had an eventful night. I'm praying that life will return to normal now. We need some "boring" days after this week!! Y'all are probably about tired of reading detailed posts about the drama in our lives, but I'm going to post the rest of the storty tomorrow.


Whitney said...

Oh my! Thinking about you all. I feel like Avery's worst spills take place when I'm the closest. Hoping your set of three events will wrap it up.

Nathalie said...

I'm so sorry to hear about Jude and Aubrey's accidents! Sounds like a tough experience for the whole family. I hope everyone feels better soon!

p.s. I'm also trying to work up the nerve to do the accent vlog! haha

Ashley Clegg said...

Poor babies!
2 of my younger siblings broke bones when they were around Aubrey's age. It's a good sign that she didn't need a cast or sling! Thankfully, girls are a bit more gentle with their hurt limbs. When my little brother broke his collar bone he had to be in a figure 8 brace because he seemed to think he was invincible after the incident..HA

Jennifer said...

Unbelievable! Not boring at all! Can't believe there were 3 things in a row.

Paige said...

Poor Aubrey! My daughter broke her clavicle in July- the er da Ted her up in ae bandages and made us leave it for 3 days.. No arm at all! Then the pedi put her in a sling for 3 weeks. And she doesn't go to daycare either!