Sunday, August 7, 2011

Week in Review: Teething and One Nap a Day

I cannot believe that I didn't take a SINGLE picture this week. Not one. So, boring post with no pictures coming. I apologize. However, if I HAD taken pictures, you would have seen a messy house, a fussy baby, and a frazzled mama. Haha! No, our week wasn't THAT bad, but Jude didn't nap well (like, at all) in the afternoons (when Aubrey naps, and when I REALLY want him to nap), and he was super fussy, which is not normal for him at all. He had a rough night last night, and I became convinced that he had an ear infection, so I actually took him to the doctor today. He doesn't have an ear infection, but I did find out that he's cutting his molars. I'm glad to have a reason for the fussiness, so now I can give him Tylenol and pray that these teeth come in quickly! :) So, without further ado, here's our week:

Sunday: We got ready and went to church. Just as church was ending, I got paged. I ran over to the nursery to see what was wrong, and Aubrey had wet her pants. Thankfully, we had a change of clothes with us. I got her cleaned up while David went to the car to get her extra clothes, and then she went to Sunday School, and David and I did too. After it was over, we came home and ate spaghetti for lunch. After lunch was naptime, and then it was time to go back to church. Aubrey had another accident during night church! I was honestly floored that she had two accidents in one day. She literally NEVER has accidents unless we're at church. For some reason, she just really hates going to the bathroom at church. So weird. We didn't have a change of clothes this time, so she ended up in a diaper and a random ensemble from church. Ha! After church, we had fellowship and snack time, so we stayed eating and talking for a while. We then came home for bedtime. After the kids were in bed, I ironed some clothes that I was going to consign, and then Rebekkah stopped by and we priced our stuff. The rest of the night was uneventful, and I went to bed late.

Monday: We had a nice morning at home. We ate breakfast and just hung out together. Jude went down for his nap, and I got myself and Aubrey ready. We then ate lunch and went over to Rebekkah's house. She kept the kids for a little while while I dropped off our clothes to consign. Aubrey and Jude had fun playing with Carver! David was over this way, so we met him at McAlister's for a little while. The kids and I had already eaten lunch earlier, so we just had a little snack :) By the time we got home, it was too late for Aubrey to nap, but I tried to get Jude to sleep. He slept for a VERY short time and then was up talking. I put some chicken in the crockpot for dinner, and then my mom came over to watch the kids while I went to a preview consignment sale. Rebekkah and Sarah Denley were there, so it was fun! I found lots of cute stuff, but I had to limit myself since "consignment season" is just getting started :) I got 7 things for Aubrey and 1 thing for Jude. That doesn't seem fair, does it?! Boy clothes are so much harder! When I got home, Aubrey and Jude were having fun with my mom, and she stayed for a little while and then left. The kids had already had dinner, so I gave Aubrey a bath and put Jude to bed. David got home from karate and played with Aubrey for a little while before putting her to bed. David and I ate chicken tacos for dinner, and then I watched TV. I stayed up pretty late reading Crazy Love for Bible Study the next day.

Tuesday: Aubrey and I were up early for Bible Study. Jude actually slept a little later than usual, so we were running a little late by the time I got him fed and dressed. We made it, though, and had a good discussion on Crazy Love. After Bible Study, Rebekkah and I and our kids went to lunch. We tried to go to a Greek place that we hadn't been to, but when we got in there, they told us they didn't have any highchairs. Uhh, not gonna work. So, we walked over to Bon Ami, which I love, and had a good lunch there instead. The kids were really good until the VERY end, and then they were just D-O-N-E. We rushed out and headed home. Naptime didn't go so well. Aubrey never did go to sleep, but she stayed in her bed for 2 hours. Jude was exhausted but he would NOT give it up and go to sleep. I went up to his room many, many times, and I finally brought him downstairs, fed him a banana, held him for a while, changed his diaper, and put him back in bed. He did go to sleep after that. Whew! I got Aubrey up at this point because she was starting to get restless, and I figured she had spent enough time in her bed. David came home from work and we talked for a while, and Jude woke up. I started cooking dinner. I was planning to cook Poppyseed Chicken, and I had the chicken cooking when I realized I had forgotten to get Ritz crackers for the topping. And Poppyseed Chicken is nothing without the topping. Ughhh. So I had to run to Kroger for Ritz. I got home and finished dinner, but it was pushing 7 before we ate, which is later than we usually eat. We had a low-key rest of the evening, and then we put the kids to bed. Rebekkah came to pick me up after that, and we went to the gym. I talked to David for a bit when I got home, and then we went to bed.

Wednesday: We had a pretty boring day. Jude took a good morning nap, and I bathed Aubrey and took a shower while he slept. I also folded some laundry and hung up some more while Aubrey played in the bathtub. Then I fixed lunch for the two of us. Jude woke up about when it was time for Aubrey's nap. It's not my favorite when their naps don't overlap at all. Aubrey went right to sleep and she ended up sleeping for about 3 hours. I fed Jude lunch and let him play for a while. Then I bathed him and attempted an afternoon nap. Once again, it didn't go well. He never went to sleep. Frustrating! When David got home, he took Jude for a while, and then Aubrey woke up. She woke up grumpy and clingy, and she was just whining. I NEEDED to get out of the house by this point. We all loaded up and went to run some errands. We went to Ross, Hobby Lobby, and then we got some dinner at Newks. We finished the evening with a stop at Lowes. Jude was pretty tired by this point, so we came home and put him to bed. David put Aubrey to bed, and I went to pick Rebekkah up to workout. When I got home from the gym, David and I watched some TV and stayed up too late.

Thursday: Both of the kids were up early. We had a good morning at home. Aubrey watched some PBS Kids (her FAV), Jude played, and I got on the internet for a little while. Then, it was time for Jude's nap. He took a while to fall asleep, but he eventually did. I took a shower and got ready, and then I got Aubrey dressed and fixed her hair. I had a lunch meeting at church that we were going to, so I packed lunches for the kids, and then it was time to wake Jude up. Since it took him so long to fall asleep, he only got to sleep for about 40 minutes, so I hated to wake him. I got him dressed, and then we loaded up and went to church. I dropped the kids off in the nursery, and then went to my meeting. It was a Children's Ministry Team meeting, and it went well. We had pizza for lunch, so that made it better :) I picked the kids up when the meeting was over, and we came home for naps. Aubrey went right to sleep, but Jude had some issues. First he was quiet, but then he had a dirty diaper, and he would NOT go to sleep after that. I knew he desperately needed sleep, so I left him in his bed for a long time praying he would go to sleep, but he just talked/fussed/played the whole time. It was so frustrating; I'm not gonna lie. I finally gave up and went to get him, and then David was home. He went and woke Aubrey up since it was getting late, and I went to the grocery store. I cooked a gourmet dinner of sloppy joes and sweet potato fries ;) After we ate, David and Aubrey went outside, and he mowed the grass. Jude and I stayed inside and played. I put Jude to bed at 8 and then got ready to go workout. Rebekkah picked me up, and we went to the gym and had a good workout. I went to bed after getting home.

Friday: We got up and started getting ready to go to lunch. I wasn't going to put Jude down for a morning nap in hopes that he would take one that afternoon. He was SO fussy, though, so I put him in bed and he got a short nap. I got ready and got Aubrey ready, and then I had to wake Jude up. We met Sarah Denley, Ann Peyton, and Graves for lunch at The Pizza Shack. It was SO good, but it took a while, and Jude was fussier than usual. We had fun, though. After lunch, SD and I went to pick up our clothes that we consigned that didn't sell along with our money. We took turns going in so that we didn't have to unload the kids, which worked out well. We came home after that for naps. Aubrey napped, and Jude took a little power nap. I'm afraid that afternoon nap is officially gone. We'll have to work on moving the morning nap back. When David got home, we got ready and met my parents and brother for dinner. My other brothers were going on a scavenger hunt with the youth group, so we ate and then walked around an outdoor mall while my parents waited for them to finish. We went in Barnes and Noble and hung out for a while. We had fun, but Jude was fussy again :( Not used to my sweet boy being fussy! We came home when it was time for bed, and I watched some TV that evening.

Saturday: I was able to sleep in, and David got up with the kids. When I got up, David went outside and worked in the yard for a little while, and then he had to get ready to go to a black belt test. My two youngest brothers were testing for their black belts, and these tests take ALL DAY. That meant the kids and I were on our own. I put Jude down for his nap, and then Aubrey and I got ready. Jude woke up not happy, but he perked up after a little while. We met my mom, grandmother, and brother at Corner Bakery for lunch. Then we shopped! We went to lots of stores, and I got a few Bunco prizes. I still need to find a few more before Tuesday! The kids and I headed home late that afternoon, and my brother came with us. I put Jude down for a nap, and he slept for 20 minutes. My brother dozed on my couch, and Aubrey watched some Clifford. Then we all got ready and went to my grandmother's house for dinner. My two little cousins were in town visiting my grandmother, so it was fun to see them! My aunt and uncle got there, and we ate and visited. My dad and brothers arrived late, and my brothers had passed their test and gotten their black belts! :) The kids and I knew David would be home then since the test was over, and it was bedtime, so we left right after they got there. When we got home, we put the kids to bed, and then I started working on a wreath I've been wanting to make. David was SO sweet and went to Kroger for me. Bless his heart - he didn't know what half the stuff on my list was (some of it was unusual stuff that we don't normally buy). I have a super sweet husband to be wandering around Kroger at 11pm looking for Ladyfinger cookies. Ha! When he got home, I helped him put up the groceries, and I was just about to go to bed when Jude woke up. He was inconsolable, and I could not get him back to sleep. David finally went up there and managed to get him to sleep after a while. It was at this point that I decided that Jude was going to the doctor the next day. It was LATE before I got to sleep.

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Sarah Denley said...

What a rough week! I hope y'all can get the nap situation figured out. AP was in her bed an absurd amount of time today and when I went in to wake her up she said "No, NO, Momma...Annie tired". I started to tell her that if you were her mother you wouldn't have given her that much time. Ha!

You'll have to tell me how you like Crazy Love. I really enjoyed it, but it was so convicting!