Sunday, June 5, 2011

Week in Review: Trying to Beat the Heat

We have had a fun week. Since Monday was a holiday, David had the day off, and that always makes the week go by faster. It's been SO HOT here, so that's made getting out of the house a little more draining, but it hasn't slowed us down so far! :)

Sunday: We got ready and went to church and Sunday School. We came home and ate roast sandwiches for lunch, and I baked some cookies for a fellowship time we were having after church that night. The kids and I then took naps. I had to get up earlier than usual because we were going to church early so that I could help set up for a reception we were having after church to honor our graduates. David watched the kids at church while I helped set up tables and put out punch bowls and flowers. We had a prayer service that night, and a missionary spoke. After church, we acknowledged all of the graduates and then had a little reception for them. The missionary who spoke during church that evening was spending the night with us, so David left with him to show him where we lived. I stayed and helped clean up after the reception, and then the kids and I went home. We talked to the missionary for a little while (Aubrey talked his ear OFF. Haha), and then I put both kids to bed while David kept visiting. After I got both kids down, I came back downstairs and talked to David and the missionary some more. We had never met him before that night, but he was really nice, and we enjoyed having him. We went to bed pretty early that night.

Monday: This was Memorial Day, so David had the day off. He got up with the kids, and I slept in. When I got up, I took a shower and got dressed, and then we just hung out at home. The missionary was going to a cookout at my parents' house with us that afternoon before leaving town, so he hung out at our house all morning, too. He did run a few errands. After a while, Jude and I went to Target, and David and Aubrey stayed home. When we got home, I fed Jude some lunch, and then we loaded up and went to my parents' house. They were having a lot of people over, and they cooked pulled pork and ribs. It was all really good, and the kids had a BLAST. Several of their little friends were there, and they played outside all day. I think Aubrey had just hurt herself on something and was getting some comfort from Daddy.
The adults sat around talking and watching the kids. By the time we left to go home, the kids were FILTHY and exhausted. We bathed both of them and put them straight to bed. I did my Bible Study homework that evening got got on the internet for a while before going to bed.

Tuesday: I was hoping that Aubrey would sleep later after missing her nap and playing so hard the day before, but she didn't. I got myself and the kids ready, and we went to church for Bible Study. At first, Rebekkah and I were the only ones there, and it looked like no one else was coming, but others eventually trickled in :) We ended up having a good discussion. After Bible Study, the kids and I went to the mall to get some shoes for Aubrey. They were both really good, and we ate lunch at the food court Chick Fil A after we got the shoes. When we got home, I fed Jude lunch and put both kids in bed for their naps. Jude took a little while to go to sleep, but he finally did. While they slept, I wasted time on the computer. I managed to get a few things done like cleaning up toys, but there wasn't a lot that needed to be done since we had just cleaned the house before we had our guest. That's the best part about having company :) When David got home, we talked and visited for a while, and then Rebekkah picked me up, and we went to Book Club. We met at a restaurant and ate dinner, and then we had our book discussion. We had read Water for Elephants and we also saw the movie together, so we discussed both. We all enjoyed the book and thought it was much better than the movie. We had a good discussion, and after it was over, Rebekkah and I went to Borders to get coffee and look at books. I talked to David for a little while when I got home, and then we went to bed.

Wednesday: We were up bright and early, as usual. We went ahead and started getting ready because we were meeting Sarah Denley and kids for lunch, and I wanted to be on time for once. Jude went down for a nap while I got ready, so that was convenient. I told Aubrey to pose for a picture before we left, and this is what I got. She isn't into smiling on demand, but she really does smile all the time, I promise. Haha!We met SD and her kids at McAlisters, and we had a good, but rather short, lunch. The kids just got a little restless and decided it wasn't a good day for a long chat ;) Aubrey and Jude and I went to Target to get a few things after lunch, and by the time we got home, it was naptime, and I was about to have a HEAT STROKE. I can't get over how sweltering it is already. After I got both kids down for their naps, I laid on the couch for a while and cooled off. Ha! When the kids woke up, I did some laundry and then David got home. We got everyone ready and loaded up in the car to go to church. This was our last Wednesday night to have church before we break for the summer. We ate dinner and stayed for a while, and then we came home. We got the kids to bed, and then I picked up Rebekkah and we went to the gym. When I got home, it was bedtime!

Thursday: We didn't have any big plans for the day other than going to the grocery store. We had a lazy morning, and then Jude went down for a nap. I took a shower and got ready while he slept, and I made a grocery list. I got Aubrey dressed, and then we left when Jude woke up. We went to Hobby Lobby first. I was looking for stuff for Jude's birthday party, but I didn't find anything. This is a cell phone picture, so excuse the quality.

We went to Kroger next. Aubrey had to go potty as soon as we got there, and holding Jude and trying to help Aubrey on and off the potty without touching anything was kind of tricky ;) We did our grocery shopping next, and the kids loved riding in the race car buggy together. Those things are a PAIN to steer, but they keep the kids happy. (Another cell pic.)

When we got home, I got everyone fed, and then it was naptime. Aubrey and Jude slept while I finished putting all of the groceries away and then prepped dinner. I straightened up the house while they slept, too. Look at that hair trying to curl! :)

When David got home, he took them outside while I worked on dinner. He then grilled some chicken while I cooked inside. We ate dinner together, and then cleaned up the kitchen. Then, we all loaded up and went to get a snow cone. Yum! It was Aubrey's first, and she insisted that it was pink ice cream. Haha! We came back home after our snow cones and played until bedtime. When both kids were asleep, I changed into workout clothes, and Rebekkah and I went to the gym again. David and I talked for a while when I got home and then went to sleep.

Friday: We had a good, uneventful morning. I bathed Jude and then put him down for a nap. I took a shower, and then put Aubrey in the bathtub while I put on my makeup. I ended up having to wake Jude up so that we could go to lunch. We met Rebekkah and Carver at a new place that neither of us had tried before, and it was REALLY good but pretty nice. It was a lot fancier than the places we usually go for lunch with the kids, but they did pretty well. We had fun and then just came home after lunch.
Aubrey got a balloon at the restaurant, and she LOVES balloons. She insisted on hugging it while I was taking her picture.

Right before naptime was when "The Strawberry Incident" took place :( And in case you're wondering, Aubrey DID eat the strawberries when she woke up! At first, she wasn't too keen on the idea of eating them, but then I had the idea to drizzle a little honey on them, and she gobbled them right up! Whew! I have never been so happy to see some strawberries disappear. Ha! Anyway, the kids both took good naps. Jude took an especially long nap, which was nice, because his afternoon naps aren't usually that long. Jude was still sleeping when David got home, but he woke up shortly afterwards. We got ready and met my family for dinner at Five Guys. It was good, and Aubrey was so excited to be eating with "The Uncles." My brothers wanted dessert after dinner, so we walked over to a yogurt place and we ate dessert. After we finished our yogurt, we let Aubrey play in the little splash pad at the yogurt place. We didn't have her bathing suit, so her clothes got drenched, but she had a blast!After lots of playing, we changed Aubrey into some dry clothes, and David and the kids and I went to Target. When we got home, we put the kids in bed, and then David and I watched the movie Twelve Monkeys. I had never seen it before, and it was WEIRD. It was pretty good, though. It was super late by the time it went off, and we just went to bed.

Saturday: We had a very lazy morning. We all just laid in our bed talking and playing for a long time. Then I put Jude down for a nap, and David, and Aubrey, and I laid around some more ;) Then I took a shower and got ready. I was going to meet my mom and grandmother for lunch and some shopping, but there was a miscommunication about the time, and it ended up not working out for me to go because of when Jude would need to eat again (I didn't have a bottle for him). So, I just ate lunch at home, and then we put the kids down for their afternoon naps. David and I worked on some projects around the house that we've been wanting to do, and I worked on this post. When the kids woke up, we got them dressed and David took a shower and got dressed. We all went to dinner at Olive Garden. There was a wait, so while we waited for our table, I walked over to Payless. I found a pair of shoes I wanted, but they didn't have my size. Bummer! When I got back to the restaurant, we had a table, and we ate and then went to Lowes and Kroger. We put the kids to bed when we got home, and then David watched TV and I got online, and we ended up staying up too late.

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