Monday, June 27, 2011

Week in Review: Navarre Beach

We had so much fun at the beach, but we missed David and we're happy to be home now! The kids really did do great considering they were running on a lot less sleep than they're used to and they spent A LOT of time in the car. My mom was a huge help with them, but no one can compare to having the other parent's help. I can't imagine being a single mom! I think the hardest part of not having David there was being the only disciplinarian all week. That just gets exhausting after a while! Aubrey was super attached to my mom all week, so that actually made things a little easier on me. She wanted my mom to do everything for her. Haha! I'm totally bummed about the pictures I got! I knew I didn't take a lot, but when I just looked at the ones I did get, they're pretty awful. I don't know WHAT was going on with my camera. I think maybe the settings got changed when other people used it? I'm hoping that's the case, because 99% of these pictures are not even usable. I'm still going to post them, but just ignore the fact that they are all cloudy and awful looking :(

Sunday: This was Father's Day, and we were hosting lunch at our house for both of our families. Unfortunately, Aubrey had picked up a bad cold at VBS the week before, so we decided that she needed to stay home from church. I stayed home with both kids, and David went on to church. This actually worked out well, because I was able to get everything ready for our company coming over after church while I was at home. Of course we were sad to miss church, though. I was also able to start putting a few things in our suitcase for our upcoming trip to the beach. Since we were at home, Jude was able to take a good morning nap -- he slept for over THREE hours. He was exhausted from VBS the week before, poor baby. Our guests arrived right after church, and we grilled hamburgers for lunch. We kept it VERY casual, and that was nice! We had a great time visiting and celebrating our wonderful fathers/grandfathers! :) After everyone left, it was late afternoon, and we put the kids down for naps. It was really too late for me to get a nap, so I got on the internet and did some more packing. That evening, David stayed home with the kids and I went to church. After church, I ran by Target on my way home to get a few last minute items for our trip. We put the kids to bed, and I did some more packing before going to bed.

Monday: I got up and got ready and then tried to get the rest of our stuff together to leave for the beach. Thankfully, David went to work late so that he could help me get everything loaded up. I couldn't have done it all without him! We had to take Aubrey's bed apart when she woke up and get it in the car and then load everything else around it. I had one FULL car! We said goodbye to David and left our house about 10:00, and we met my mom and brothers at my grandparents' house. We transferred a few things from my car to my mom's car, and my brother Joel got in the car with me, and then we were off! We didn't make it TOO far before we were stopping for lunch at Wendy's. We had a pretty good trip. It wasn't without it's stressful moments, but I thought it was a success since we made it safely, and there wasn't a whole lot of screaming involved! :) We had to stop a few times, but that's to be expected. We ended up getting there at around 5, so I'd say we made pretty good time. We unloaded the cars and freshened up a little bit and then we went to dinner. We ate at a Mexican place, and then we went to the beach to walk around for a little while. It was SO beautiful, and we stayed until almost dark just playing and enjoying it. Jude was pretty exhausted, so we headed back to get him in bed. He went down easily, but we had some trouble getting Aubrey's bed together. We finally got it, and she went down easily, too.

I was up bright and early with the kids. Jude and I had had a bit of a rough night, so I was feeling a little sleepy! When my mom and brothers got up, they took Aubrey and went to Wal-Mart while I stayed home and tried to get Jude to take a nap. He was so tired that I didn't think it would be a problem, but he took FOREVER to fall asleep. He had JUST dozed off when they got back, so they all got ready and went to the beach while I stayed with Jude and let him nap. He ended up taking a marathon nap and didn't wake up until I went in to check on him. When he was up, I fed him lunch, and then we got our bathingsuits and sunscreen on and met my mom and brothers and Aubrey at the beach. We had lots of fun! I played with Aubrey in the water and sand for a while, and Jude sat under an umbrella with my mom. He wasn't a HUGE fan of the beach, but he was a trooper! :) After a while, my mom took Jude back to the house, and my brother and Aubrey and I stayed at the beach a while longer. When we got back, Jude was asleep in his carseat. We all took showers and got ready, and I bathed the children and got them dressed. Then we went to the Destin Commons. We were going to eat dinner at Hardrock, but it was PACKED, so we ended up just eating at a pizza place. The kids were kind of melting down at this point because they were tired and hungry. The pizza was good, though, and everyone was in a better mood after dinner :) We walked around the mall for a while after dinner, and I bought my book club book to read at the beach. We finished out the night with ice cream from Cold Stone before heading home. The kids went to bed easily again, and I slept in a different room from Jude, and he had a much better night :)

Wednesday: We were up early again, but not as early as the day before. My mom and brothers had all gotten really sunburned the day before, so none of them wanted to go to the beach. Aubrey was a little pink, too, so I wanted to keep her out of the sun also. They said they would watch the kids for me if I wanted to go to the beach. I got Jude down for a nap and then went to the beach all ALONE. It was pretty nice, I have to admit! :) I just sat in a chair and read my book and enjoyed the peace and quiet. I didn't stay too long, and when I got back, we all got ready to go to the outlet mall. We stopped at Hardrock on our way and ate an EARLY dinner (like, 4:30 early). We didn't have to wait, though! Aubrey did NOT want to be in this picture, and I decided that wasn't a battle worth fighting at that point. After seeing how terrible the picture turned out, I think that was a good decision.

After dinner, we went to to the outlet mall and shopped! That's always fun! I got a few things but mostly just had fun looking. Aubrey was a little fussy from skipping her nap. We let her play on the little playground at the mall for a while. We got some gelatto before heading back home. It was a LONG ride back, and the kids were ready for bed when we got home!

Thursday: The kids were up early again, and we just hung out until everyone else got up. My mom was still really sunburned, so she decided to not go to the beach again. I got Jude down for his nap, and my brothers and I got ready to go to the beach. I BEGGED Aubrey to go, too, but she wanted to stay with my mom. Oh well! My brothers and I went to the beach, and I read my book club book the whole time while they played in the ocean. It got really overcast and started thundering, so we left. When we got back home, Jude was awake, and Aubrey was napping. We got ready to go to dinner. We wanted to eat at Harry T's, so we were trying to go early so that we wouldn't have to wait. I had to wake Aubrey up, and things just got a little stressful while we were trying to get out the door. When we finally got out to the car, my mom realized that their bag of stuff they had bought at the Polo Outlet the night before was missing. My brothers went back inside to look for it, but they remembered that they had almost definitely left it at the gelatto place we had eaten at the night before. My mom was (understandably so) pretty upset, and things were just a little tense for a few minutes. She called the gelatto place, and, amazingly, they had found the bag! The only bad news was that meant we were going to have to drive ALL the way back to the outlet mall (over an hour from where we were staying), and the kids were just SO tired of being in the car. I was pretty frustrated at that point. We did still end up eating at Harry T's before going back to the mall, and it was fun. We ate outside, and the sun was directly in my eyes for most of our meal, so that was a bummer. We had a good meal, though, and we walked around for a minute before we ate and got a few pictures.Another picture with the back of Aubrey's head.

After dinner, we went to the outlet mall. Finding the bag was kind of like going on a wild goose chase. No one knew where it was and we kept getting sent to different places. It ended up being in a back cabinet in the gelatto place. The bright side was that we got gelatto again while we were there! Ha! We didn't hang around because it was getting late, so we made the long drive back and I put the kids to bed. We watched TV for a little while before going to bed.

Friday: We woke up to RAIN on our last day. It was dark and thundering and pouring. It was actually kind of nice except for the fact that we were at a loss about what to do. We just hung around for a while, and then it cleared up. My mom wanted to go to the beach, and Jude was napping, so I just stayed home with the kids. Aubrey really wanted to go to the beach with my mom and brothers, but my mom couldn't chase her around since she was still burned and needed to keep her sunburn covered. So, Aubrey stayed with me, and when Jude woke up, the kids and I went to Zaxby's and Wal-Mart for baby food. I fed Jude lunch when we got back, and then put Aubrey down for a nap. I put Jude down shortly after that, and both of the kids were just talking and not sleeping. My mom and brothers got back, and I just got Aubrey up. I went in and fed Jude, and he did end up going to sleep. I decided to go back to the beach one more time. I REALLY wanted Aubrey to go with me, but she wouldn't! She just wanted to stay with Gramzie. I had a nice time at the beach, though, and I didn't stay too long. When I got back, we all got ready, and we went to an Italian place CLOSE to where we were staying for dinner. It was really good! After dinner, we went to the beach and tried to get some pictures. No one (Aubrey and Jude and my brothers) was really being cooperative, and it ended up just being pretty frustrating, and then my camera died.After we got back home, I put the kids to bed, and then we started packing up as much of our stuff as we could. We cleaned up a little, and I stayed up too late. Almost as soon as I dozed off, Jude woke up. He ended up having a fairly rough night and was up several times.

Saturday: I was worried that I would be SUPER tired after going to bed late and being up several times in the night, but I got to sleep until about 8:45, so I was ok. When I got up, we got BUSY! We were staying at our Aunt and Uncle's house (they were out of town), so we had to clean it all up before we left. It ended up taking forever, and we didn't leave town until 11:30. As soon as we got on the road, it was time to stop for lunch. We ate at an Arby's, and then we were finally homebound! I was ready to get home and see David and be in my own space by that point. The drive went pretty well. The kids did great, and Aubrey just whined a little (she was SICK of the car), and Jude slept some and fussed/cried just toward the end. We stopped several times for potty breaks, and we made it home around 6. We were SO excited to see David! He had the house completely clean for me and had gotten several projects done around the house while we were gone :) Aubrey was super affectionate towards him -- she kept kissing him over and over. So sweet! David unloaded the car, and then we went to Newk's for dinner. We ran in Kroger after we ate, and then we came home and I put Jude to bed. David had to put Aubrey's bed back together, and then he put her to bed. David and I talked for a while and then went to bed early.

After two weeks of being off our normal routine (due to VBS and our trip), I'm hoping we can go back to "normal" this week. Jude has some catching up to do in the sleep department! Poor baby is exhausted! I love doing fun, new things, but it's nice to return to our normal weekly activities now!

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