Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The many faces of Jude

The other day, I took some pictures of Jude for his birthday party invitation that I need to go ahead and order. As usual, I had to take about 1,200 pictures to get one I wanted to use. Some of these were just too funny (and cute!) not to share :) And if you're wondering what in the heck Jude is wearing, I decided to go with a loose theme for his party, and it's Barnyard Animals. We're aren't going all crazy and costume-y, but I decided that since we had the cow outfit anyway, it would be cute for him to wear it for the invitation picture. (It will hopefully make more sense when it's on the invitation!) (Also, Mama's photography skills clearly need lots of work since about 90% of these pictures are blurry.) (And, please notice Jude's "vampire teeth." Haha!)

Not really digging the hat.

It's tasty, though!
Excited Jude.
Amused Jude.
Zoned out Jude.
Jude's mile-long stare.

Contemplative Jude.
Wary Jude.
Not quite camera ready Jude.
Mad Jude (I took his ball away).
Jude is OVER it!
Adorable Jude! (They all fit into this category, though! :)


The Williams Family said...

What a precious boy! Love all of them and I can't wait to see his invitation :)

J. Henry said...

Adorable Jude is right! Love those teeth and his sweet smile!

Amy said...

hilarious! i love these!!! he is so adorable...but i think "Wary jude" is my fave - ha! :)

Nathalie said...

What an adorable little guy!!