Saturday, May 7, 2011

Beach Vacation: Day 6 and Home Bound

Wednesday was probably the most stressful day of our vacation, so I guess it's good that stress was saved for the last day! It still turned out to be fun, and nothing bad happened, it just seemed like every time we made tentative plans for the day, they got changed. We had planned to just go to the beach and/or pool that morning and just spend the whole day playing since it was our last day. When we woke up that morning, though, it was pretty chilly outside. The wind was blowing, and it was just too cold for the beach or pool that morning. After some discussion, we decided to go to Seaside/Watercolor and just walk around and then go to the pool after lunch and the beach after naps. So, we headed off to Seaside. It was fun to walk around, but Aubrey was having some "potty issues" and she just wasn't in a great mood. We did eat a good lunch in Seaside and by then it had warmed up, so we decided to just head on back.We planned to put the kids down for naps and go to the pool. The kids had other ideas, though. Aubrey and Carver didn't sleep, and that got kind of stressful. It's hard when you are sharing a small space because you can't really let a child fuss or be loud when they're trying to go to sleep. Carver had finally gone to sleep, but Aubrey was loud when we put her down, and she ended up waking him up :( We gave up on her nap, and David told me to just go on to the pool and he would hang out at the condo with Aubrey and Jude while the Arants went to the beach. So, Laken and I went to the pool for a while and laid out.

We got back to the condo about the same time as the Arants. They said the beach was perfect that day, and they were planning to go back. We left Carver and Jude with Laken at the condo, and the rest of us hit the beach! It was just gorgeous that day. The water was SO calm! It almost felt like playing in a lake! The temperature was great, and it was just perfect.Aubrey didn't last as long as I thought she would that day. I think not napping consistently all week was just catching up with her, and she was ready to go in after an hour. I offered to take her in and let David stay longer, but he didn't want to. So, I stayed on the beach with the Arants for a while longer before going in. Laken brought Carver out for a while longer when David got back to the condo to stay with Jude.

When we were all finished at the beach we got ready for our last night out! We had planned to go into Destin for dinner and to eat at a family place that would be fun for the kids. However, by the time we all got ready to go, it was pushing 7. We knew the kids wouldn't last that long since Destin is a good 40 minutes from Rosemary. So we then had to try to come up with another plan, and we were all just hungry and out of ideas. We ended up going to a place in Rosemary that didn't have a great selection and was expensive. The kids were not at their best that night either after no naps. David A. ended up walking around with Carver, and David H. had to take Aubrey back to the condo in the middle of dinner for a diaper change (her "potty issues" were finally resolved - ha!). We finished that dinner as quickly as we could and went and put all the kids right to bed.After they were all down for the count, the adults went to the Tapas and Chocolate place for one more dessert! We had to continue with our dessert every night tradition :) We had another fun time and our desserts were all GOOD.We packed when we got back to the condo and tried to get to bed at a decent hour for the drive home the next day. The Arants had to be home at a certain time to pick up their dogs, so they ended up leaving town with Laken about an hour and a half earlier than us. We got on the road about 10:30, and we actually had a really good trip home. We stopped at Moe's (WHY did all THREE of our Moe's in town have to close??) for lunch in honor of Cinco de Mayo :) I fed Jude in a Dillard's dressing room after lunch, and that was our only stop the whole trip. The kids both did GREAT. Jude only cried about the last 30 minutes, and that was because he was hungry, but we were stuck in traffic SO close to home. Aubrey was awake almost the entire trip, but she fell asleep about 45 minutes from home.My mom and grandmother were here to greet us when we got home. My mom said she was having withdrawals form Aubrey and Jude. Haha! All in all, we were glad to be home but sad that our vacation was over! It was a fantastic vacation, and I can't wait until our next family vacay! :)


Sarah Denley said...

Sounds like y'all had such a blast! By the way, you look FANTASTIC in your swimsuit and I love Aubrey's little outfit in the first few pictures!

The Niemeyer Nest said...

I agree with SD - you look fabulous in your swimsuit. Maybe there is hope for me after this baby. Everything is suddenly growing so quickly. Why do our kids not sleep in the car? All of your pictures are so adorable. Carl wants to get a babysitter for our vacation next year. Hope everyone is adjusting to being home.