Monday, April 18, 2011

Week in Review: Scary Weather!

I did an awful job of staying on top of this post all week. Meaning, I didn't stay on top of it at all. I wanted to just skip and not bother with it, and even though I'm pretty sure no one would notice/care, it would bug me, so I decided to write it anyway. The only problem is that I have a hard time remember back all the way to the beginning of last week. Haha! But I did the best I could, so here ya go:

Sunday: We went to church and Sunday School, and then came home and ate roast sandwiches for lunch. That afternoon was naps all around! :) (Except for David -- I don't think he napped.) We went back to church that evening, and it was good. David and the kids and I went to Jason's Deli and ate dinner after church. It was late and past the kids' bedtimes when we got home, so we put them straight to bed. The rest of the night, I got on the internet and watched TV while David did some stuff around the house.

Monday: We got up and got ready to go to lunch with Sarah Denley and Ann Peyton. SD's due date was the next day, so we decided we better have lunch early in the week to be sure we got one more lunch in before baby Graves made an appearance! :) We ate at Mellow Mushroom and had fun! The girls got a little restless, but that's pretty much par for the course these days ;) When we got home, it was naptime! Aubrey wouldn't sleep, and that made it tough for Jude to sleep, too. He finally did sleep, but I gave up on a nap for Aubrey. That evening, I cooked dinner and the kids and I ate and then watched Dancing with the Stars. When David got home, we talked for a minute and then put the kids to bed. Rebekkah and I then went to the gym. It was late when I got home, and so we went to bed.

Tuesday: We got ready for Bible Study when we got up and then headed to church. Bible Study was good, and I picked the kids up after it was over and then Rebekkah and I went to a consignment store. I found an outfit for Aubrey. I decided to be really brave and go to another store when we left that one. It was really pushing it because it was lunchtime and naptime, but I found a pair of shoes for Aubrey, so it was worth it :) We went home after that and ate lunch. I then put the kids down for a nap and did some things around the house. I got a text that afternoon letting me know that Sarah Denley was in labor! I was so excited for her and glad that we had gotten our lunch in the day before! Haha. When David got home, he took the kids outside and I fixed dinner for them. I had Bunco that night, and my mom came over to ride with me. We then stopped by and picked Rebekkah up and headed to Bunco. It was so fun even though I didn't win anything (as usual). When I got home, the kids were both asleep (Jude had taken a bottle -- amazing!), and David told me all about their night before we went to bed.

Wednesday: I really wanted to go see SD in the hospital and meet baby Graves, and Rebekkah was so sweet and offered to keep Aubrey and Jude for me so that I could go that morning. (I don't like taking kids to a hospital to meet a new baby.) So, we got ready and I took Aubrey and Jude over to her house. Aubrey was SO excited about going to Carver's house :) I then went to see Sarah Denley. Graves is SO precious, and it was so fun to hold a newborn and hear all of the birth details! I went and picked the kids up after that. As soon as I walked in the door of Rebekkah's house, Aubrey said, "Hey Mommy, I didn't obey Mrs. Bekkah." Ummm.... Haha! Rebekkah said she was pretty good ;) We chatted for a minute and then went home for lunch. I put the kids down for their naps and then got ready to go to church. We were going early because Rebekkah and I were meeting a bride who is getting married at our church to go over details. (Rebekkah is the wedding coordinator at our church, and I'm her assistant.) David met me at church and watched the kids. After the meeting, it was still a little early for church to start, so we all went onto the playground and played. David had a meeting at church during dinner, so I got the kids fed and then put them in the nursery. After David's meeting was over, Rebekkah and I left from church to go to the gym. David and I talked and did a few things around the house before going to bed that night.

Thursday: We were planning on having another playdate in the backyard pool with Rebekkah and Carver, but it was cool and overcast when we got up. Rebekkah and I decided to just go to lunch instead, so I took a shower and put makeup on. About that time, the sun decided to come out and it got nice and warm. Oh well :) Jude took a good morning nap while I was getting ready for lunch.
Aubrey was not happy about wearing this outfit, but she posed for me in spite of that ;)

I got him up and we left to go to Beagle Bagel. We had a fun lunch, and it worked out fine that we changed our plans at the last minute. After lunch, Aubrey, Jude, and I went to Marshalls and TJMaxx. Once again, I was pushing it on that afternoon nap ;) Aubrey wouldn't nap when we got home. Boo! Jude slept in his seat for a little while, but that was it. So we loaded up and went to run errands. We went to Belk and the other TJMaxx. Then we went to Target. I had told Aubrey that if she was good, we could go to Chick Fil A for dinner, so we did! We ate and saw the Chick Fil A cow and then went home. David was there when we got home, and we were happy to see him! The kids played on the floor and David and I talked that night. Then we put the kids to bed, and Rebekkah and I went to the gym. It was off to bed when I got home!

Friday: This was a scary day. We were expecting bad weather, and I woke up nervous and worried about that. Thankfully, Jude had time to take a morning nap before it really got bad, but then the sirens were going off, and it just got awful quick. I pretty much sat in front of the TV watching the weather all day. Rebekkah had said I could come to her house if it got bad, so every time the siren went off, I started getting us ready to potentially jump in the car and go over there (she lives about 2 minutes from me, and I HATE being home alone in bad weather). Thankfully, the terrible weather never came really close to us, but there was a tornado on the ground for a LONG time in a town near us. It was so scary! I am SO ready for tornado season to end! Every time I would think the bad weather was over, the siren would go off again. Ughh! I finally felt safe putting the kids down for naps that afternoon much later than they usually go down. I guess all the excitement wore them out, because they both slept. I straightened up the house while they napped. When David got home, we told him about our scary day and heard about his. We then met my mom and brother at a Mexican restaurant for dinner. My dad and other brothers were at a lock-in at our church with the boys from my dad's ministry. I think that was pretty wild! Haha :) After we ate dinner, we went over to my parents' house so that David could look at my mom's computer. She got a new laptop and needed him to help her set something up. We hung out over there for a while and then came home and put the kids to bed before going to bed, too.

Saturday: David had to go to his office for a little while that morning, and he took Aubrey with him. Jude and I hung out at home, and then I put him in his bed for his nap. I took a shower and got ready while he slept. David ended up being tied up longer than he expected, so Jude and I couldn't go anywhere because David had my car with both carseats. So my mom and grandmother brought lunch over to my house and hung out until David and Aubrey got home. We visited with them for a while before going shopping. Jude went shopping with the girls, and he was sweet. After shopping for a while, we went back home, and Aubrey was still napping. We finally had to wake her up, because it was getting pretty late for her to be sleeping. We got ready and went to get some dinner and then went to Kroger. We put the kids to bed, and then I got on the internet and read before going to bed that night.

This week, I'm praying for no bad weather!! Also, I'm hoping to spend some time outside. We are going to the beach NEXT WEEK and I need some sun! :)

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Amy said...

i got the same outfit for libbi and i was a wanting to monogram it, but was worried it would look weird because of the way it pulled just a bit at the top....but aubrey's looks so cute! i was also debating what color to monogram, but i love the yellow - hope you don't mind that you have now inspired us! :)