Sunday, February 13, 2011

Week in Review: Another Winter Week

This week wasn't the the best as far as sleep goes. Jude had a little cold, so he didn't nap much at all unless I was holding him or laying down with him. He also slept in the bed with David and me a good bit because he would wake up congested in the night. He was a little more fussy than he usually is (he is normally the happiest baby), but overall, it was a good week, and I definitely can't complain!

Sunday: We got up and got ready for church. I was SO tired that morning and just couldn't get going. Jude had been up several times in the night (he was congested), and I eventually just put him in the bed with us so that we could sleep. Because of that, I just felt like a zombie all morning. In spite of the sleepiness, church was good. I helped teach the 2 year old Sunday School class again, and that was enjoyable. There sure are lots of cat fights in that room, though. For some reason, the kids always want to play with the same toy. Haha! After church, we went over to my parents' house for lunch to celebrate my brother Joel's 13th birthday. That was fun, and we had a great lunch!We ate cake and watched Joel open presents after lunch. By the time that was over, it was late afternoon, and Aubrey (and Mommy! :) was fading fast. We headed home so that she could get a short nap at least. I took a nap, too, but it was less than an hour and Jude ended up in the bed with me. I had to get up to get ready for church, but I did feel more rested even though my nap was short. David had to go to church early, so I had to get both the kids ready for church by myself. Whew, that turned out to be stressful! I had to wake Aubrey up, and she was NOT happy. She just screamed and cried the whole time I was getting her dressed, and Jude was screaming too. I about lost it, but I somehow managed to hold it together. Aubrey cried in the car but perked up after a while. She was happy to see David when we got to church but was heartbroken when he dropped her off in the nursery :( We went to church, and it was good. We picked the kids up from the nursery and had to wait around for everyone to leave because David was deacon of the week and had to lock up and turn the lights out. When we were finally able to leave, we went to Newks and grabbed dinner. When we got home, we watched the end of the Super Bowl. Aubrey loved watching football! We got both kids to bed and stayed up a while longer before going to bed.

Monday: After such a short nap the day before, Aubrey slept in until 9. That was so nice! Jude and I were up before that, but it was a good start to the week. Aubrey ended up being in a really sweet, happy mood all morning. We got ready and met Sarah Denley and Ann Peyton for lunch at Corner Bakery. When Aubrey saw them, she just kind of went nuts. She was SO hyper and wild. She was just laughing really loudly and throwing her crayons and just being crazy. I don't know what got into her, but it made it a little difficult to have a conversation with SD. It was still fun, in spite of my wired child ;) When we finished with lunch, we went home. When I pulled into the garage, I looked for my phone and realized I didn't have it. I started praying that someone had turned it in at the restaurant. We didn't even get out of the car at home -- we just turned right around and went back. I hated to unload the kids to run in to ask about my phone (it was freezing outside!), but I didn't have another choice. Thank God, they had my phone! We were able to go home and STAY there after that! Aubrey would NOT go to sleep for her nap. That's the downside to her sleeping late. Jude napped for 15 minutes. Ughh. I was determined that Aubrey was going to at least stay in her bed for a while, even if she didn't want to sleep. While she played in her bed, I cooked some chili for dinner. Jude was pretty fussy, sadly. Aubrey never did go to sleep, so I went and got her after I had gotten a few things done. After a little while, we packed up and headed to church. We got to visit with David for a little while, and then karate started and I fed the kids dinner. My mom and the kids and I made a quick run to Target. When we got back to church, David drove my car home and I drove his. (This way he is able to talk to Aubrey and spend a little time with her on the car ride home.) When we got home, David put Aubrey to bed, and I fed Jude and put him down. He ended up not going down easily like he has been lately, so I figured he must not be feeling well. I went and got him and held him for a while until he fell asleep, and I was able to transfer him to his bed easily. Rebekkah and I were planning on going to the gym that night, but she had a meeting that ended up running late, so we decided we would just go the next day. That meant that David and I were able to eat dinner together and spend a little time talking after the kids were asleep, which was nice.

Tuesday: We had Bible Study that morning, so I got up early to get ready before the kids were up. I was doing great on time, and then all of a sudden, time was just GONE, and I went into frantic mode trying to get out the door. Hate that. That always happens, no matter what time I get up. We did make it; we were just a little later than I had planned ;) I enjoyed Bible Study, as usual, and Aubrey and Jude had fun in the nursery. I fed Jude when I picked them up, and then Rebekkah and I went to lunch with our kiddos. We tried a new Mexican place, and it was good, but I will probably order something different next time. The guacamole was delish, though! After lunch, we headed home, and I prayed for a successful naptime. Haha! Aubrey did take a nap -- Thank the Lord! Jude took a nap, too... in my arms. He fell asleep, and I knew he would wake up when I laid him down. Since he has had a little cold and hasn't been sleeping great at night, I just wanted him to get some sleep, so I held him :) I watched TV while he slept in my arms. When both of the kids woke up, we played until David got home. I cooked dinner while David played with the kids, and then we ate together. It's always nice to sit down to dinner together!
Family meals are even more fun now that Aubrey likes to sit at the "big table" with us!

After dinner, Aubrey played, David cleaned up the kitchen, I fed Jude solids... just a normal night at the Howie house! :) After we got both kids to bed (Jude went down without a peep, thankfully!), I went and picked Rebekkah up, and we went to the gym. We made it to week 3 of the Couch to 5K program, which is as far as we got last time. Ha! Here's hoping we get further this time! :) I have to say: running on a treadmill is SO much easier than running outside!! (At least Rebekkah and I think so!) When I got home, I talked to David a little bit and got ready for bed.

Wednesday: Aubrey woke up at 7:45, which was disappointing, because she had been up until 10 talking in her bed the night before, so I really thought she would sleep later. Oh well! She was in a great mood, though, so that was a plus. We had an very uneventful morning. I had made a "chore list" for myself the night before, but I didn't get hardly any of it done because Jude was SO fussy. This is very unusual for him, and his nose was runny, so he must have just felt crummy. I spent most of the morning holding him and watching Aubrey play. I tried to put Jude in his bed upstairs for the first time to nap, but he wasn't having it. So no morning nap for Jude! I fixed lunch for Aubrey after the nap fail. I made her a "muffin tin lunch" for the first time, and she really seemed to like it:See the little hand trying to sneak some while I was snapping a picture??

I have no idea why she would eat more just because it was served in a muffin tin, but she did, so we will definitely be repeating that little trick! :-) After lunch, I gave Aubrey a bath, and Jude and I just sat in the bathroom with her while she played. Then it was naptime! I put Aubrey down, and she talked for FOREVER. I didn't think she was going to go to sleep. I fed Jude, and he fell asleep, so I put him in bed so I could go upstairs and tell Aubrey it was time to stop playing and go to sleep. When I got back downstairs, Jude was awake and crying. Ughh. He wouldn't go back to sleep, and since Aubrey had finally gone to sleep, I decided to lay down with Jude to get him to nap. He really, really need a nap since he hadn't had one all day! He went to sleep, and so did I! Not 45 minutes later, though, Aubrey woke up! Oh my goodness. I was not thrilled. I went to her room, and she was just whining and fussy, so I told her she had to go back to sleep. Jude was napping and I didn't want her to wake him up. She wasn't happy with this piece of information, but after some protesting, she did go back to sleep. I knew a 45 minute nap wouldn't cut it. Jude stayed asleep in my bed even after I got up, and he took the best nap he has had in a WHILE. I straightened up the house while they both napped and then David was home. It had started to snow outside, so I didn't know if we would still have church that night. The snow wasn't sticking, so we did have church, and I got ready while David held Jude. Aubrey woke up grumpy, but she snapped out of it after a while. I got her dressed, and we went to church. We had spaghetti for dinner and just visited after dinner. Rebekkah and I canceled our gym plans again because the roads were supposed to be getting icy. When we got home from church, it was bedtime for the kids and the parents went to bed not too much later!

Thursday: David didn't go in to work that morning since we had gotten a light dusting of snow the night before and the roads were potentially icy first thing in the morning before the temperature rose. That meant I got to sleep in! Yay! Jude and I got up around 9, and David and Aubrey were playing. We had an uneventful morning. David watched the kids while I took a shower and got dressed.
You turn your back for half a second and this is what happens... David caught Aubrey trying to cut up some grapes for herself. No toddlers are harmed during the taking of this picture ;-) Now that we know she will climb onto a chair, we've had to be more careful about things we leave on the counter that we THOUGHT were "out of reach."

Rebekkah dropped by to go through some of Carver's clothes that she loaned us for Jude to see if there was anything she wanted to consign for a sale that's coming up. Aubrey loved seeing Carver for a few minutes and cried when they left :( So sad! She was getting tired, so David put her down for a nap. I put some chicken in the crockpot for dinner and then fed Jude and he fell asleep. I decided to just sit and read a book and let him sleep in my arms. Sometimes letting him get a good nap is more important than getting things done around the house! David took a shower and got ready to go to work that afternoon. I was sad to see him go, but it had been nice having him home that morning. He was going straight to church for karate after work and then going to dinner after karate, so he wasn't going to be home again until late. Since it was so cold and David wasn't coming home after karate, I had decided that the kids and I would just stay home that night. When Aubrey woke up from her nap, we got ready to go to Target. Jude was down to about one diaper, so this was a very necessary trip! We had fun getting out of the house for a little while and just browsing around. We went home in time to eat the chicken I had cooked for dinner. Jude fell asleep in the car on the way home, which gave me a chance to get Aubrey's dinner ready. After we ate, we watched American Idol while I fed Jude solids. Then I gave both children a bath. By the time we finished that, it was bedtime! Bedtime never goes as smoothly when there aren't two parents at home. Jude cried the whole time I was putting Aubrey to bed. After I got her in bed, it was his turn! He went down fairly easily, and I cleaned up the house after they were both asleep. Then I sat down and got on the internet until David got home. It was late, so we went to bed shortly after he got home.

Friday: I got up before the kids because we were meeting Rebekkah and Carver for breakfast. I was able to get ready before the kids woke up. We still ended up being late, though, because I was trying to get Jude to nurse before we left. He's entered the stage where he is FAR too interested in everything going on around him to eat. We are going to have to start eating in a dark, uninteresting room (but what are we going to do with big sis?). Ha! He never really ate much, but we finally just had to go. We met at Chick Fil A, and I tried a spicy chicken biscuit for the first time. It was good! I fed Jude in the bathroom after we ate, and he was hungry enough by then to eat without looking around everywhere. After breakfast, we all went to two fabric stores. I want a new ottoman in my living room, and we really want to go ahead and get our curtains for our living room/kitchen. I got lots of samples that might work. By the time we finished shopping, it was getting late and approaching naptime! When we got home, Aubrey ate a light lunch (since she had eaten a big, late breakfast) and then went down for her nap. I held Jude for a while and then put him down. He cried and just wasn't giving it up. I went and picked him up, and he fell asleep immediately. I waited for a while to make sure he was really asleep and put him in his bed. He was awake within 5 minutes. Ahhh! I picked him up again, and he was just SO tired that I laid down in my bed with him for about 3 minutes until he was asleep and then got up. I was just desperate for him to sleep. He ended up taking a good nap in my bed. I don't know what I'm going to do about his nap situation. While Aubrey and Jude both slept, I went through some of their old clothes to find some things to consign. I also did a load of laundry. That was all I got accomplished before they were up, unfortunately. David was a little late getting home from work, and when he did, we got ready to go to dinner at the Arant's house. They have invited my mom over too, because my dad and brothers were spending the night hunting somewhere. We has so much fun over at their house eating and talking!
Future best friends! :) (We hope!)
These two are already best friends! They have the most fun together!

After dinner, we sat around talking, and my mom, Rebekkah, and I got to laughing SO HARD about something. I seriously couldn't breathe I was laughing so hard. The guys were laughing a little bit at first, but then I think they just thought we were off our rockers. Haha! It was super fun. We got home pretty late and put the kids straight to bed.

Saturday: Aubrey and Jude both woke up at 7:30, which was disappointing since they had been up late the night before. David got up with Aubrey, and I tried to get Jude to go back to sleep with me, but he wouldn't. I took him to play with David and Aubrey and then went back to sleep for an hour. Ha! When I got up, I got ready to go to the gym. Jude would not nurse for some reason, so I had to pump, so I was running late. Rebekkah came and picked me up, and we had a good workout. Second week in a row to go on a Saturday -- how committed are we?? ;-) When I got back home, David had taken the kids to run some errands, so I had the house to myself. That NEVER happens, and it was kind of weird. It was pretty nice to be able to take a shower and get ready in a quiet house. I got a few things done around the house and then just waited for David and the kids to get home. When they did, I fed Jude and we went shopping. We went to Chick Fil A for lunch with my mom and grandmother and then went to Belk and Pier 1. I found a rug that I ended up buying. I went home after that and unloaded the rug. Aubrey was just waking up from a nap when I got home, and she was not in a happy mood. David and I let her fuss for a while to see if she was still tired, but she didn't ever go back to sleep. When we brought her downstairs, she just wasn't happy. She finally perked up after a while. She's had a bit of a runny nose, so I'm PRAYING she isn't getting sick again!! We got ready after a while and went to Bed Bath and Beyond and JC Penny's. We ate dinner at Mellow Mushroom and then went to Kroger. We put the kids to bed when we got home, and I prepped our lunch for the next day and went to bed, too.

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