Wednesday, January 19, 2011

What's for Dinner?

Thank you for your encouraging comments on the sleep post. Sometimes, for me, one of the hardest parts about being a mother is second guessing myself or comparing myself to other moms. It's so encouraging to be reminded that I'm not the only one going through sleep issues, or toddler temper tantrums, or what have you. In the end, we're all trying to do what we feel is best for our children, and we should all try to encourage other moms and be supportive of each other. I'm going to try to be intentional about being an encourager :)

On a lighter note, Jude had his first taste of baby food yesterday! He's been eating rice cereal for several weeks, but this was his first "real" food (if you can even call it that ;)). He had sweet potatoes mixed with cereal. He was.... well, a little unsure about it. Haha! His facial expressions were cracking me UP!

"Mom, what are you trying to sneak into my dinner??"
"I'd rather eat feet than that stuff." (And yes, he was busting out of his clothes. The snaps on that outfit just would NOT stay snapped.)
"Have mercy on me, please! No more!"
In spite of the terrible faces, he did eat a good amount of food. He ate even more tonight with quite a bit less drama :) I can't believe he is eating baby food already! My baby is so big!


J. Henry said...

Those funny faces crack me up!!! So cute!

Amy said...

that last picture is HILARIOUS! Jude is such a his little double chin ;)