Monday, October 25, 2010

Week in Review: First Night Away From Jude!

Once again, I'm late posting this. I guess this is starting to be the norm. Oh well. I don't think anyone is really disappointed ;) We had a good, busy week last week. Here's what we did:

Sunday: We went to church and kept the nursery. We were in Jude's room! There are a LOT of babies in that room right now, so it was a little crazy at times. Jude slept through all the fun, and we never even took him out of his carseat! Such a sweet boy! I did wake him up as we were leaving so that I could feed him before I went to Sunday School. After Sunday School, we came home and ate lunch. I had cooked chicken in the Crock Pot while we were at church. While we were eating, I noticed Aubrey had something in her nose. I went to get it out, and I ended up pulling 3 largish pieces of chicken out of her nose. YUCK! I don't know how she did that with us sitting right there, but we had a little talk with her about putting food in her nose ;) We took naps after lunch. Jude started off in his bed, but he got fussy, so I put him in the bed with me, and we had a nice nap together (David was reading in the living room). Aubrey woke up as we were getting ready, and she was just in an awful mood. She was just crying and screaming. Her nose had been runny and she sounded congested, so I think she was just upset about that. We were actually thinking one of us might should stay home with her she was so upset, but we gave her a cookie and then she was fine, so we went on to church. After we got home from church, I went running with Rebekkah. Neither one of us were very thrilled about running that night, but I was glad we did after the fact :)

Monday: We had an uneventful day at home. The kids and I just hung out, and I was able to get a few things done. The highlight of my day was watching the Season Finale of Sister Wives that I had recorded the night before. Haha! We went to karate when Aubrey woke up from her nap. We were running a little late, and David had a 6:00 meeting at church, so we didn't even get to see him :( My mom and the kids and I went to Kroger during karate. Jude was crying when we got back to the church, so we just dropped my mom off and headed home. Poor baby screamed the WHOLE way home. Ugh, hate that. I fed Jude and ate dinner when we got home. I was just about to put Aubrey to bed when David called and said he was on the way home from his meeting. I decided to let Aubrey stay up until he got home so she could at least say hey to him that day. David put her to bed as soon as he got home, so they got to spend a little time together. We went to bed not too long after that too.

Tuesday: We got up early and got ready for Bible Study. We were running pretty late, but I made it just as it was starting. It was good - I always enjoy being in Bible Study. After it was over, we ate lunch at church and made sandwiches for snacks for my dad's ministry. By the time we got home, it was naptime! I put dinner in the crockpot while Aubrey and Jude slept. When David got home, we talked and caught up since we hadn't really seen him the day before. David played outside with Aubrey while I finished up dinner. We ate BBQ sandwiches and sweet potato fries for supper. After we ate, I watched 19 Kids and Counting and The Little Couple (Me and my bizarre TLC shows... I know...). Rebekkah and I were planning to run that night, but it started raining right before we were supposed to meet. We were real disappointed ;) Haha. I did feel like I really needed to workout, though, so David and I did The 30 Day Shred after Aubrey went to bed. Oh my gosh. That kicked my butt! I was so sore I could barely walk for DAYS. I was ready for bed after that!

Wednesday: Aubrey decided to sleep l-a-t-e that morning. I'm not complaining, but we had plans to go over to Rebekkah's house at 10:30, and we ended up being late. We finally got out the door and got over there around 11. We had lots of fun! We are thinking about going to the beach with the Arants in a few months, so Rebekkah and I were looking into condos. I'm REALLY hoping that works out - it would be SO fun! We ended up ordering pizza and hanging out for a while. We left when it was about time for Aubrey to take a nap. We got home, and she went to bed. I ended up having to wake her up because we were going to church early. There is a lady from church who knows how to smock, so she had agreed to teach a few of us how to smock! So, that's why I went early. I can't believe I'm trying to learn to smock, but I really hope I catch on because I would LOVE to smock clothes for Aubrey and Jude! After we finished our smocking class, it was dinner time at church. We had a nice time at church. Rebekkah and I went running that night after church. I was SO sore from doing The 30 Day Shred the night before, though, that there was so way I could run. So, we just did a fast walk. It was much better than running ;)

Thursday: I had been having a few "issues" off and on since Jude was born, so my doctor wanted me to come in to be checked out just to be safe. Ughh, not fun! My mom came over to watch the kids so that I could go to the doctor. Thankfully, everything was fine! Apparently, my "issues" are just due to breastfeeding, and they are no big deal at all. I was very relieved to hear that! (Have I been sufficiently vague enough to get everyone's curiosity up? Haha. Sorry, I just don't want to put TMI on the blog.) Anyway, I was very happy to get a good report at the doctor, but unfortunately, I was there for 2 hours. Ugh. By the time I got home, my mom was happy to see me - Jude was hungry! My mom left, and I put the kids down for their naps. Once they woke up, we left to go to church for karate. We got to see David for a few minutes before class started. My mom and the kids and I went to Target during karate. David was going out to dinner with the other karate teachers after class, so the kids and I went home by ourselves. I was kind of sad because I felt like I had barely seen David all week. He ALWAYS lets me do the things I want to do and lets me get out of the house a lot, though, so I am glad he gets to go stuff like that too. I put Aubrey to bed when we got home and watched TV and held Jude until David got home. It was 10:45 by the time he got home, so we got ready for bed shortly after that.

Friday: We started getting ready to go to Sarah Denley and Ann Peyton's house after we got up. We drove through Backyard Burger and picked up lunch on the way over there. Aubrey was so excited about going over to Ann Peyton's house. Unfortunately, AP and Aubrey didn't really get along :( A couple of fights broke out while they were playing - of course they both wanted the same toy. SD and I had to separate them several times and talk to them about sharing. (A couple of days after we had been over there, we were in the car, and Aubrey randomly said, "Ann Peyton was whinin' and whinin'." I asked her why Ann Peyton was whining. She said, "Her was cryin'." I asked her again why she was crying. Aubrey said, "Because her wanted her doll and Aubey made her cry." Ummm... yeah, I guess that pretty much sums it up!) Anyway, we had lots of fun in spite of the fighting, and Sarah Denley and I were able to talk much more than we can at a restaurant. When we got home, it was time for naps! While the kids slept, I straightened up the house and baked some chess squares. I also packed an overnight bag, because I was going to a Women's Retreat with my church that night. I was spending the night, and get this: I wasn't taking Jude! I had pumped enough milk for him to have while I was gone, and I pumped while I was at the retreat. David was a little nervous about having both of the kids overnight, but he encouraged me to go. My brothers ended up going over and helping David that evening, and they even spent the night, so David did have help. The retreat was only about 30 minutes away, so I knew I could get home pretty quickly if I needed to. I left right after David got home from work and picked up my mom on the way. We had dinner and a teaching session that night. The theme of the conference was Intergenerational Relationships, and it was really good! We stayed up WAY too late talking. My mom, Rebekkah, another lady that were are all friends with, and I all roomed together, and we had a lot of laughs.

Saturday: Morning came way too early after our late night! We somehow managed to get up and make it to breakfast (only about 30 minutes late). I called David to check on them, and they were doing fine. My brothers had left that morning, and his parents had gone over to help him shortly after they left. They had fun playing outside and visiting, and David's parents ended up staying until right before I got home. It was nice that David had so much help! It made me feel better about leaving for 24 hours! :) Anyway, after breakfast, several women from our church shared about how the Lord has worked in their lives during different seasons. It was neat hearing from women of different ages and stages of life. After that, we had a little free time and then lunch. When lunch was over, another lady shared her testimony, and then we broke into discussion groups. After that, it was time to go home! It was such a fun weekend, and I'm glad I went! I ate WAY too much junk, stayed up entirely too late, laughed a lot, and was encouraged being with other sisters in Christ. I was happy to get home to see my 3 favorite people, though! Aubrey and Jude were both asleep when I got home, but I picked Jude up and cuddled him and he woke up to eat :) Aubrey woke up not too long after I got home, and I went up to get her, and she seemed happy to see me. David told me all about their weekend, and I told him about mine. We finished watching the Auburn/LSU game, and then went to dinner at Newk's. We went to the grocery store after dinner, and came home and got ready for bed. I was so tired, and we ended up going to bed at 10, which is pretty much unheard of for us! :)

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