Sunday, August 1, 2010

Week in Review: Back in the Saddle

We have had a good week! David went back to work, and that has been ok so far. We have also started to venture out of the house a little bit. I go stir-crazy if I stay in too long! By the way, I'm posting this a day late, but I'm still just going to start with last Sunday and end with Saturday like usual.

Sunday: I got up early to help David get Aubrey ready for church. Jude and I were staying home from church, so after David and Aubrey left, I took a nap! It was nice to catch up on some sleep. After I got up, I fed Jude and then we just hung out at home. David and Aubrey came home after church, and some of our friends had sent lunch home with David. We enjoyed it! After lunch, David put Aubrey down for a nap, and I fed Jude and then put him in his swing. He was sleeping soundly, so I decided to take another nap! :) David watched him while I rested. When I got up, Aubrey was up and it was time for Jude to eat again. Not too much later, David and Aubrey went back to church. The house was so quiet without Aubrey. It was nice for a little while, but it got kind of lonely. While they were at church, Jude and I just hung out again. I read and watched TV while he ate/slept. David and Aubrey came home, Aubrey went to bed, and the rest of us did too not too much later.

Monday: We had our photo session at 10:00 that morning. Thankfully, David was able to stay home and help me get Aubrey and Jude ready. I don't think there's any way I could have gotten all 3 of us ready and out the door on time! Our session took a while. I think we were there about 2 hours. After it was over, David dropped us off at home and went straight to work. I was a little nervous about my first afternoon alone with the children, but it was great! Aubrey ate lunch as soon as we got home, and then it was her naptime. Jude also ate and took a nap the whole time Aubrey was sleeping. I should have used that 2 hours to take a nap, but I wasn't feeling extremely tired, and I don't want to be in the habit of taking a nap everyday, so I just rested and played around on the internet instead. When David got home, we went to karate. I was going stir crazy and I figured I could get out of the house but still keep Jude away from a lot of people. We just stayed at the church the whole time, but it was nice to get out. A sweet friend from church had made dinner for us that night, so we picked it up on our way to church. My grandmother had also cooked us a meal, so she brought it to us at church. We are loving all of this food! We ate dinner and went to bed when we got home.

Tuesday: My first full day at home alone! I was up at 6 feeding Jude and then Aubrey was up for the day at 7. I was hoping to get to sleep a little later than that, but it was not to be. We had a good morning. Aubrey is a little needy when I'm holding or feeding Jude, but all things considered, she is really doing great. Our morning consisted of feeding Jude, trying to entertain Aubrey from the couch while I was feeding Jude, and trying to keep Aubrey away from Jude when he was content in his swing. Haha. It was interesting. After lunch, it was naptime. I took a quick shower after I put Aubrey down and Jude was sleeping in his swing, and then it was time to feed him. I really wanted to take a nap myself because I was super sleepy, but by the time I showered and fed Jude and got him back to sleep, I was only able to doze for about 30 minutes before Aubrey was up. Oh well... I guess that's better than nothing. After we all woke up, we just hung out waiting for David to get home. When he did get home, he played with Aubrey while I got ready. My dad's birthday was the day before, and my family was going out to dinner. We decided we would venture out with Jude and join them. We went to a Chinese buffet, so we were able to be home before it was time for Jude to eat again. It was nice to be out of the house! Jude slept through the whole dinner -- he never even got out of his carseat. On the way home, I ran in Target and Kroger to get a few essentials. We went to bed too late. I think it was 11:30 before I was able to go to sleep. Why do I stay up that late knowing I'm going to be up all through the night?? :(

Wednesday: Jude had a pretty good night, but Aubrey was up for the day at 6:45 :( I was up at 6 feeding Jude, so I was pretty much up for the day then. I definitely require more sleep than that and was pretty much exhausted all day. I have got to get on a better schedule as long as I have a baby who isn't sleeping through the night. Because I was so tired all day, I felt like little things frustrated me more than they did the day before. We still had a decent day though. We stayed home all day. I took a nap while Aubrey napped. Jude was in his swing dozing, and he fussed several times, so my nap wasn't the greatest, but it did help. David came home and we talked and hung out. Rebekkah brought dinner to us that night. We were able to chat and catch up a little, so that was good. I'm so ready to be able to get out of the house and hang out with my friends again soon! After we ate dinner, I needed a few things from Wal-Mart. Jude was asleep, so I decided it would be ok for me to drive myself even though it hadn't been 2 weeks. I figured it was close enough ;) David stayed home with the kids and I ran to Wal-Mart. I felt so free when I got in the car to drive myself somewhere! Haha. I was only gone a very short time, but it was refreshing just the same. When I came home, Aubrey went to bed, I fed Jude, and we got ready for bed ourselves. Jude had a hard time going to sleep -- I think he had been asleep too much that day. It was close to midnight before he finally went to sleep :/

Thursday: I had a doctor's appointment at 8 that morning, so I had to be up EARLY. I was awake before 6 to feed Jude. Not fun! My mom came over at 7 because I figured Aubrey would be up, and David had left early to go to Bible Study. Wouldn't you know, Aubrey decided to sleep until almost 9 that day?! That little stinker! I would have killed to have her sleep that late any other day this week. Anyway, my doctor's appointment went well. Hopefully I'll be off my blood pressure medicine in the next week and I won't be back to the doctor until my 6 week postpartum visit. When I got home, my mom hung out for a little while and then left. I played with Aubrey and fed Jude. I did a little dusting and straightening of my closet while Jude slept. After Aubrey went down for her nap, I tried to nap on the couch, but Jude was awake in his swing, so I had to give him his paci several times. I gave up and fed him after about 30 minutes. We had an uneventful afternoon after Aubrey got up from her nap. We went to karate that evening. During karate, my mom, Aubrey, Jude, and I went to the mall. All of Jude's clothes swallow him, so I needed to get a few little outfits for him to wear that actually fit. My mom was was sweet and sat in the car with Aubrey and Jude while I went in the mall and got some clothes. I also got us some free sweet tea from McAlisters :) We went home after karate and had a low-key night.

Friday: David's sisters and their families were in town this weekend, and they were going to be meeting Jude for the first time. David was able to take off from work on Friday. That was great because he got up with Aubrey and I was able to sleep a little later. His family came over at around 10. We had fun hanging out and talking and eating lunch. Aubrey loved playing with her little cousin, Caroline. Jude was on his best behavior for his aunts and uncles :) They stayed until naptime, and Aubrey crashed after they left. She slept for over 3 hours. That afternoon, I took Jude to the doctor for his 2 week checkup. David stayed home with Aubrey. When Jude and I got home, we loaded up the kids and went to church. My mom was decorating for a 50th anniversary party for my grandparents that we were having the next day. I wanted to drop by and see how the decorating was going. We stayed for a while and then went to David's parents house for dinner. We had another good visit. We went home and put Aubrey to bed, and David and I went to bed pretty early too.

Saturday: I got to sleep until 10! It was SO nice! :) After I got up, we decided to go to Waffle House for breakfast. I was a little nervous that Jude would catch something, but I left him in his seat and covered it with a blanket. Haha. We had a fun time going out for breakfast as a family. When we got home, Aubrey went down for her nap and we got ready for the anniversary party. We had to wake Aubrey up to go. It was a very nice party and it was fun to introduce Jude to lots of family members who had never met him. We stayed and helped clean up a little after it was over. We then met David's family for dinner at Outback. Funny sidenote: Jude tee teed all over his outfit when I was changing his diaper before we left church. We didn't have a backup outfit for him, so he had to go to dinner in nothing but his diaper. Thankfully we had a blanket, and he stayed in his carseat the whole time, so you couldn't even tell he was naked :) After dinner, we ran in Target to get a few things. Jude woke up and was on the verge of a meltdown, so I had to feed him in the dressing room. Ha! When we got home, Aubrey went to bed. We didn't do much else that night.


Sarah Denley said...

Okay, wanna know what's funny? One of the VERY first posts I read on your blog was something about Aubrey having a blowout in Walmart or Target and y'all having to buy her new clothes. At least I think that was your blog! Haha! I MISS YOU!

Ashley said...

I miss BOTH of you!

I loved reading this because it gives me insight as to how it will be when I have 2 babies! :)

Can't wait to see you SOON!!

Carrie said...

Oh yes, SD, that was indeed my blog... obviously, we're super organized and prepared when it comes to packing extra clothes for our children. Haha! I totally have it all together ;)