Monday, July 12, 2010

Vintage Beauty :)

A few weeks ago, my mom found this little dress in her closet that used to be mine. It's a good thing she found it when she did, because it's Aubrey's size now! Aubrey wore it to church last Sunday, and I think she looked just precious. The dress is more frilly than her usual dresses, and I think that gives it a sweet, vintage look. She got lots of compliments. But how could she not?! I mean, seriously, how pretty is my little girl??Oh my goodness, I LOVE her! :) :)


J. Henry said...

She is such a pretty little girl! Love the vintage look! The only thing my mom saved that belonged to me are some very tacky clown pjs. Haha!

The Williams Family said...

It seems like only yesterday that little girl was you! She is absolutely wonderful and so beautiful. We all love her so much, too!!

AFM said...

Oh my goodness! She looks absolutely adorable in your dress- so sweet that she could wear it!