Saturday, July 24, 2010

Out and Back In

So, I had these grand plans of posting Jude's birth story yesterday on his one week birthday. That obviously didn't happen, but I have a good reason. I was in the hospital. That's right, I spent the night at the hospital last night due to high blood pressure. I have been feeling fine and didn't even know my blood pressure was high until I went to the doctor yesterday. Last week when Jude was born and I was being discharged from the hospital, the on-call doctor mentioned that my platelets were low and I needed to see my doctor in a week to have them re-checked. I really had no clue what low platelets meant, so of course I had to google it. That totally freaked me out, and I've been thinking all week that I have a disease. It did also say that low platelets can be the result of pregnancy, but my mind just insists on going to the worst case scenario all the time. :/

So, yesterday was my appointment to have my platelets checked. David, Jude, and I went thinking we would be gone a very short time. We almost didn't even bring Jude with us, but David thought we should in case I needed to feed him. Turns out, it's a good thing we did! When they checked my blood pressure, it was through the roof. I think part of that was because I was so stressed over my platelets, but it shouldn't have been that high. My doctor was not happy about my blood pressure at all and sent me to Labor and Delivery for lab work to make sure I wasn't developing preeclampsia. I had no idea that you could get preeclampsia up to 6 weeks post partum. Thank God, my platelets were back up and perfectly normal, and everything else was fine too, but they wanted to keep me overnight and do more lab work the next morning. I was pretty bummed to be in the hospital again :( David was so sweet and went home and got all of our stuff. Jude had to stay at the hospital with us so that he could eat. He was GREAT all night! It was probably the best night we've had so far! They brought us a bed for him from the nursery, and he went right to sleep when we put him in it, and we had to wake him up to eat every 3 hours. David wanted to ask if we could take that bed home with us! Haha.

My blood pressure never went completely down, but my lab work all came back normal, so it doesn't seem to be preeclampsia or anything like that. They said the high blood pressure is most likely related to the pregnancy, but I'm having to take a blood pressure pill for a little while. My doctor said I should be able to go off of it in a couple of weeks. I have to go have my blood pressure re-checked next week. I'm glad this was caught and I'm doing fine now, but it's just all a bit frustrating. The doctors all kept telling me I just really need to take it easy and rest. Kind of hard when you're getting very little sleep because of a newborn and you also have a 22 month old. Thankfully I have a VERY helpful husband and lots of family and friends who are more than willing to help me. I'm hoping that now that I know my platelets weren't low due to a disease, I will be less stressed and my blood pressure will go down. (I know this probably sounds ridiculous to all of you non-hypochondriacs reading this! Haha. I know because my husband is not a hypochondriac and he thinks I'm a little loony ;)) I'm really thankful that this all happened AFTER Jude was born and the high blood pressure didn't hurt him!!

So that was our weekend excitement! I think we've had more than enough excitement over here lately, so I'm praying for a boring week! :)


Courtney said...

Glad to hear everyhing is fine and under control. Try to follow the doctors orders and take it easy!

Amy said...

from one hypochondriac to another...i totally feel your pain :) thank goodness for husbands that are calm, cool, and collected! ;0)
hang in there and this too shall pass. i had to be induced b/c of my high blood pressure - they thought i had preeclampsia, but it turns out it was just from stress - seems that i get a bit anxious even when i THINK there could be something wrong! glad to know that you are okay and so is baby jude. can't wait to see pictures of your handsome little man! :) praying that you get some rest and a little bit of relaxation.

The Niemeyer Nest said...

Very scary! I am glad you are okay, Carrie. Keep us updated in your spare time. HA!!

Anonymous said...

yay! hypochondriacs unite!! I totally understand you =D