Thursday, July 8, 2010

38 week update

Well, Jude should definitely be here 2 weeks from today, at the latest! I went to the doctor today for my 38 week checkup. Sadly, I hadn't made any significant progress. I'm still 1cm dilated and 60% effaced. Last week, I was 40% effaced, so that's a little progress, but really nothing to speak of. I was kind of surprised I hadn't progressed more because, as of yesterday, I've been having LOTS of contractions. I'm sure they're just Braxton Hicks, but I've never had this many, so I was hoping for a little progress. Oh well. My doctor said since I haven't progressed much, she wants to wait another week before we schedule anything. She wants to give my body a chance to progress and go into labor on it's own. Since I've had a baby before without being induced, she said she knows I'm capable of going into labor on my own. She said she would like to induce me on my due date if I haven't had him by then though. I guess that just goes back to her not wanting him to get too big for me. I'm really ok with that. I would definitely prefer to not be induced, but since we won't be inducing early, I think it would be ok. She did say that if I've made major progress next week, we could talk about inducing sooner. Honestly, if she offered to induce me sooner, I don't think I would have the will power refuse at this point. I'm just so ready. I'm hoping to do a lot of walking between now and next week! :)

There was a little drama at my appointment. When I first had my blood pressure checked, it was slightly elevated, but I assumed it was because I had just walked in from the INSANE heat and was hot and winded. My doctor wanted to re-check it though, just to be sure everything was ok. As soon as she said that, I knew it would be high. For some reason, I get stressed when I know my blood pressure needs to be lower, and that always makes it go up. Of course. So when they checked it a second time, it was 150/100. Umm, not good. They had me go sit in a recliner to calm down, and they monitored the baby for 30 minutes. When they checked my blood pressure after that, it had gone down to 125/74, which they said was fine for this stage of pregnancy. I was relieved when they told me I could go! It was fun to get to listen to Jude's heartbeat for 30 minutes. I think the monitor annoyed him because he was kicking and moving like crazy the whole time :) My doctor said he seemed totally fine. Now, I'm trying not to stress that I have high blood pressure. No stress, no stress... I think I might have to milk that one ;) Haha.

So, there's a [long] update. I keep thinking that in 2 weeks from today, I should be holding my little baby, Lord willing. I think I can take 2 more weeks ;)


Courtney said...

So glad you had a good appointment today. Praying for safe delivery for you and this little guy.

Shay said...

Glad everything is fine! Remember, change can happen in a matter of hours! Who knows, you may wake up and be 4cm and 90% and go into labor in the next 24 hours!!!!!!!!! Hang in there, mama! I'm right behind ya!

Carrie said...

That's true, Shay! Thanks for the encouragement! I hope all goes well for you too. :)