Saturday, May 22, 2010

Week in Review: Hanging, Painting, and Rearranging

We had another good week. It's been pretty miserably hot though. I can't believe it's only May! Oh well. We'll just be staying inside a lot (which we pretty much do anyway... haha).

Sunday: We went to church. We subbed in Aubrey's class during Sunday School. It's always so fun to watch her interact with the other kids. After church, we came home and ate spaghetti for lunch. We then took our usual Sunday naps. We went back to night church, and it was after that that Aubrey had her little fall. She was obviously fine though, because we went to Jason's Deli afterwards!

Monday: I had book club that night, and shockingly, I had to finish my book! Haha. I was doing better than usual on the procrastination though, because I only had a few pages to finish. Aubrey and I stayed home all day. She played and I read and did laundry. Aubrey took a super long nap that day -- 4 hours! I straightened up the house while she slept -- she had trashed it. Aubrey was still sleeping when David got home from work, but she woke up in a good mood soon after he got home. We got ready and went to karate. My mom kept Aubrey at church during karate while I went to book club, and David brought her home for bed when he finished. I had fun at book club. We met at a Greek restaurant, which is always good! We read A Thousand Splendid Suns this month, and it was pretty sad but really good. After the restaurant closed, a few of us continued our discussion at Wendy's. Ha! I got home late, and David and I stayed up really late talking.

Tuesday: I had every intention of going to Bible Study, but when my alarm went off that morning and Aubrey was still sleeping, I turned it off and went back to sleep. Remember I stayed up too late the night before. I enjoyed the extra hour of sleep, but I was annoyed with myself for skipping Bible Study. Oh well. Aubrey and I got ready and went to Hobby Lobby after breakfast. I got some trim for the window treatments my grandmother is making for Aubrey's room, and an iron medallion for the wall. Anyway, we got home and it was lunch time for Aubrey. We literally walked in the door, and it hit me that I had left my stuff in the buggy of the Hobby Lobby parking lot. I was SO frustrated. I had to load Aubrey right back in up and go back to Hobby Lobby. She wasn't thrilled. Thankfully, someone had turned my stuff in. We finally got home for lunch after our little adventure. Aubrey took another long nap that afternoon. I straightened up the house and watched Miss USA. When David got home, he woke Aubrey up from her 3 hour nap. He spent a little time with her before he had to go to a deacon's meeting at church. Aubrey and I went over to hang out with Rebekkah and Carver since their husband/daddy was at the same meeting as David. We had fun watching Dancing with the Stars and talking. David got home in time to put Aubrey to bed which made them both happy :)

Wednesday: We made a trip to Target and Kroger that morning. It was a bit stressful though, because Aubrey didn't want to stay in the buggy. I even got her the fun HUGE buggy with the car attached at Kroger. She thinks it's super cool as long as we're moving, but the second I stop she pops right out. So I have to try to grab my items without pausing. Not my favorite way to grocery shop. Haha. When we got home I gave Aubrey lunch and made myself panzonella. Aubrey napped after lunch, and I did a few things around the house. I didn't get a lot done because Aubrey took a shorter nap. When David got home we left for church a little early so I could run in Target to pick up my vitamins. We ate dinner at church, and then I helped Rebekkah plan a banquet we're having Sunday night for the graduating seniors.

Thursday: Shortly after we got up, we started getting ready for an early lunch with the girls. Aubrey was a bit clingy and fussy for some reason, so getting ready went a little slower than usual. We met Ash and SD (and their babies!) at Beagle Bagel, and we had fun chit chatting as usual. This was one of (if not the) last lunches we will have with Ashley before she moves. We will miss her so much! When we got home, it was naptime. While Aubrey slept, I dusted and straightened up the house some. I would have liked to do more, but my ankles were kind of swollen (probably from the shoes I was wearing -- haha) so I rested on the couch instead :) Aubrey was still sleeping when David got home -- she was a tired girl! We got her up and went to karate. My mom and I went to Target and Home Depot during karate. When we got home, David and I had chicken tortilla soup for dinner.

Friday: Aubrey woke up early. It's the first time she's done that in a long time, so I can't complain. I was a little sleepy because of it all morning though. I did housework: laundry, cleaning bathrooms, sweeping, changing the sheets, and general straightening. Fun, fun. It really was good to get all that stuff done, even though Aubrey was making a mess right behind me. Ha! She took a nice nap that afternoon, and I was able to get some more stuff done. When David got home, we hung something on the wall of our bedroom that I had gotten at Hobby Lobby the other day and moved a rug from our office to the sitting room in our bedroom. Pictures coming soon! After that we had worked up an appetite, so we went to dinner at O'Charley's. After dinner was bedtime for Aubrey, and David and I just hung out reading and relaxing.

Saturday: Aubrey slept late, so we were all able to sleep in! After we got up, Aubrey and I met my mom and grandmother for some shopping and David did some yard work. We had fun shopping, but the heat was intense! I don't know how I'm going to make it through this sweltering summer. (By the way, Jude is due 2 months from today!) We also went and picked up some pictures from our photographer that I ordered last month. I LOVE them, and we're hopefully going to hang them tonight! Aubrey and I came home in time for her to take a nap, and while she slept, David and I painted in her room some more. We're getting close to finishing! I was craving chocolate chip pizza tonight, so we went to dinner at Pizza Inn. We went to Kroger, and then came home and put Aubrey to bed. Now I'm about to go see if we can hang our new pictures! I'll post pictures of that too! :)

Hopefully next week will be good, but not quite so HOT!! :)

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Ashley said...

1. I will MISS YOU TOO! :(

2. I want to see pictures! :)