Friday, February 12, 2010

White Out

We woke up this morning to a beautiful, white winter wonderland!It had been forcasted to snow last night, and honestly, I was hoping it wouldn't. It's not that I don't like snow; I do! It's just that this town literally shuts down when the first snow flake falls from the sky. I'm not a big fan of being home bound because there's half a centimeter of snow on the ground. Anyway, there was much more snow than half a centimeter this time, and it was actually really fun! Aubrey got to play in snow for the first time, and she had a blast as you can see from our pictures! (You asked for pictures -- well, here they are!)

Getting all bundled up to go play. She seems a bit bored with the whole process.Not sure what to make of all this white, cold stuff. Better taste it. And I think she likes it!Our little snow angel :)Making a snow ball to throw at Daddy! Hehehe.Swinging in the snow!After a while, we let Mr. Knightly come join in on the fun....... and that made it even more fun!After a long time of playing in the snow, we had to take Aubrey inside because she was wet and freezing. She was NOT happy to have to go inside. She cried, bless her little heart. She's definitely a Howie -- she loves the snow already. She'll be ready for ski school in no time ;-)

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Ashley said...

She looks so adorable!!