Friday, February 5, 2010

Raining Cats and Dogs

by David Howie

Yesterday it rained a ton. It started raining in the night and rained all day. And rained hard. When I left home in the morning, Knightly was curled up asleep in his house. But I got a call about 3 from a lady who was out running and had a boxer following behind her. Dang dog got out again.

So when I left work, I drove around the neighborhood looking for him. It had been hours by this point, so there was no telling where he was. I drove around for about 15 or 20 minutes and there he was walking along the main road into our neighborhood. He was drenched of course and looked pretty miserable. When I opened my car door and hollered at him, he came right to me. I put him in my car and took him home. Of course he shook off right after he got in, so now my car is wet and smells like dog.

When I got home, I put him back in the yard. He started trying to jump out right away. He was still jumping at the gate where he got out Monday, but slightly to the side. He would stand on the latch itself and pull himself over. He had a harder time since I put that wood on the gate to cover the support pieces, but got over in just a minute. I ran back out and caught him in the driveway and put him in his kennel in the garage. He stayed there the rest of the evening and all night.

After karate class, I added another layer of protection to the gate. I got another one of the boards from our old shelves (about 1' wide by 4' long). I nailed it to the top of the gate so that it sticks out horizontally. When he jumps up to the gate, he comes up underneath this new board. I think that should stop him going out at the gate, but if he really wants to, he can probably get out at any point of the fence.

After our walk this morning, I put him back in the yard, and he immediately started trying to jump out again. He wasn't able to then. After my shower, he was still trying but not as often. Carrie said she saw him still trying to jump out later this morning. I hope he'll give up and just stay in the yard. I don't know why he has this great urge to leave anyway.

Thus far, it's dog - 2 and David - 0.
Round 3. Begin!


J. Henry said...

I hate that for y'all! He is so persistent!

David Howie said...

Round 3 goes to Knightly. Looks like a knockout.