Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Funny Girl!

As many of you have pointed out, I haven't posted pictures of Aubrey in forever. It's been since December 27th, as a matter of fact. I went back and checked, and the last picture I posted of Aubrey was when we announced that she was going to be a Big Sis. So yeah, it's been way too long. What we really need to do is to go outside and have photo shoot. Maybe we will if it ever warms up around here :-/

I do have a couple of funny pictures of her to share. Let me just preface this by saying that Aubrey is a clown. She loves to make us laugh. She loves nothing more than when we laugh really loud (and usually fake). She just cackles. So when she figured out this little "trick" would get a laugh, she thought she was a genius. She is pretty funny, I must admit.It's not enough that my almost 17 month old is still in love with her pacifier, apparently she now think she needs two of them at once! If one is good, two is better!
And just so you know -- she did this completely on her own. She was playing with two pacifiers and started trying to get my attention. I looked over and she had them both in her mouth. Hilarious!
More pictures coming soon! :)


Ashley said...

Hahah that is so adorable!

Nathalie said...

haha love it!! What a cutie.