Tuesday, January 26, 2010

by David

If It's Not One, It's The Other
aka Pick Your Poison

After a couple of bad nights sleeping, we were worried last night putting Aubrey down. These worries increased when she didn't drink very much bottle at all and cried for the first 5 minutes. But after comforting her, she got quiet and went to sleep. We didn't let our guard though because we 'knew' that Aubrey would be up shortly with her cough.

So we went to bed early so we could get some rest before Aubrey woke up. And of course about 1 or 1:30 I was awakened. By Knightly. He was barking up a storm at something. Just standing in the yard staring at the house barking his head off. He quit when I turned the light on, so I checked around and went back to bed.

A short while later he was barking again. This time I went outside and checked. I didn't find anything, so I told him to hush and went back to bed.

But he barked again. This time I told him to hush and spanked him. After that he didn't wake me up again.

On the other hand, Aubrey slept through the night! And Carrie never heard Knightly or even knew that I got out of bed.

Aubrey did wake up early coughing though, so I think Carrie is going to take her to the doctor. No use putting it off.


Anonymous said...

Knightly sleeps outside now? It's so cold!!

David Howie said...

When it's cold, he sleeps in the garage.