Saturday, December 5, 2009

Week in Review: Pack Rats!

The title of this post is just a pun... we aren't really pack rats. Clutter is my pet peeve, so I'm definitely not one to keep everything. David has pack rat tendencies, but we've been working on them for a while, and he is recovering :o) Anyway, we have spent the week doing a lot of packing. We still have lots to do though! Next week is going to be B-U-S-Y! Here is what we did this week:

Sunday: We kept the nursery Sunday morning. We had Aubrey's room, and David and I literally spent the whole time talking about how cute our child is. Is that bad? Haha. It was really so fun to watch her interact with her friends though. She would go up and randomly kiss the other kids every so often. Hilarious! We came home after church, and ate chili that I had cooked in the crockpot. This was the first time we had eaten at home on a Sunday in probably 2 months. We had had lunch plans every other week. It made it easier on Aubrey though, and she ended up taking a good nap that afternoon -- yay! We went back to church Sunday night, and we had a time of fellowship after the service. We do that on the last Sunday of every month. We all bring snacks and have fun visiting.

Monday: I spent the day packing and doing laundry. I wrapped a lot of our dishes up so we can put them in a box. Not the most exciting job, but it was nice to make some progress. Monday night we went to karate. Aubrey, my mom, and I went to Lifeway, Books-A-Million, and Kroger so that I could get something to cook for dinner when we got home.

Tuesday: More laundry. I also tried to straighten up the house a little bit, but with stuff piled everywhere for the move, it really didn't make much difference. I'm so ready to be settled into our new house so I won't have to look at clutter! I'm afraid it will be a while though, before we get to that point. Tuesday night I had Bunco! I didn't win anything, but I always have fun. My Bunco group is also talking about starting a book club, and I'm super excited about that. David and Aubrey had a fun night hanging out together while I was gone.

Wednesday: Another uneventful day. Aubrey decided to wake up at 6. Ughh. Have I mentioned that I'm not a morning person? We had been up really late the night before packing, so I was SO tired. As a matter of fact, I took a nap when Aubrey took her nap. Ha. Wednesday night we had our Holiday Banquet at church. (We called it the "Holiday" banquet because it was our combined Thanksgiving/Christmas celebration, not because we don't say Christmas! I'm all about saying Merry Christmas instead of Happy Holidays.) Anyway, we had a nice meal, the kids' choir sang, we went around the room and said what we were thankful for if we wanted to, and we prayed for our troops. It was fun!

Thursday: We had lunch with Ashley and Evy and SD and Ann Peyton. We went to the new Beagle Bagel. It was nice, and I think we'll go back. Even though it was farther to drive, they don't skimp on highchairs. They had tons of them and the straps weren't broken and they were new and clean. Definitely a good thing for three mommies and babies. Aubrey refused to take a nap when we got home. She has a naptime window, and if we miss it... well, that's just too bad for me. So, she didn't take a nap at all. I was shocked that she wasn't in a terrible mood by that evening. Thursday night was karate, and my oldest brother joined us girls and we all went to the mall.

Friday: I ran some errands without Aubrey Friday morning. My mom and brothers played with her. I looked at carpet for the new house and picked out paint chips. I also went to a fabric store and got samples for our bedroom. I found some that I think are going to work -- yay! When I got home I went with my mom and brothers to meet my oldest brother, John, for lunch. He was on his lunch break. (My other two brothers are homeschooled in case you were wondering why they weren't in school.) That afternoon we came home, and Aubrey took a nice nap. We didn't miss the window -- whoo! Friday night, we had dinner with David's parents and some of their friends for his dad's birthday. David, Aubrey, and I went to Target after dinner, and when we came out there was snow pouring down! Aubrey was in the buggy and she kept pointing to the sky and squealing in delight. It was precious! It was also FREEZING!!

Saturday: Today was my mom's birthday (Happy Birthday, Mom!) so David, Aubrey, and I met my mom and grandmother for lunch at Mugshots. After lunch David took Aubrey home to nap, and my mom, grandmother, and I went shopping. Stores are starting to get crazy crowded for Christmas. I still have SO much Christmas shopping to do! Like all of it. Tonight Aubrey and I had dinner with my friend Jennifer. It had been so long since I had seen her, and she was in town for a baby shower. Aubrey got to meet her for the first time. We can't wait to meet baby Caroline! :o) David opted to stay home and get some more packing done. He's really made progress. All the pictures are off the walls now... it looks so bare!

Next week will be so CRAZY! We're excited though. Tuesday is the big day: we close on our new house! We have LOTS to paint before we move in. We'll see how much we get done!


The Niemeyer Nest said...

Evie has a naptime window too! If we miss it than no nap for Evie. Good luck this week!

Sugar and Spice said...

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