Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Aubrey at 15 months old

This post is completely random -- it's not Aubrey's month birthday or anything. I just realized that all I've been talking about lately is how crazy our life has been with the move, and I haven't given any Aubrey updates lately! One of the main reasons I even have this blog is to document her life, so I think an Aubrey post is way overdue :o) She is at a really cute, fun age right now, and she has developed such a distinct personality. I want to be able to remember exactly what she was doing at 15 months old.

-She is extremely friendly. She waves at almost everyone she sees, and it never fails to make even the most somber people smile and wave back.-She blows kisses. She usually does it on command, but sometimes she will just spontaneously start blowing me kisses at the most random times. Melts my heart.

-She knows where her hair is and will touch it when we ask her where it is.

-She also knows where her ears are. It just recently clicked with her that she has two of them. She used to point to the same one every time. Now she will grab both of them.-When we ask her where her tongue is, she sticks it out and points to it -- hilarious!

-When we ask her where her nose is, she wrinkles it up and makes her "silly face."

-She loves to dance. Whenever she hears music she breaks out dancing. Sometimes it's a subtle, sweet little dance, and sometimes it's a full out head bobbing wild dance. Love both styles myself!
-She is fiercely independent. She does not like to be held. She wants to feed herself, thank you. If we try to help her do something that she wants to do herself she promptly pushes our hands away.

-She can follow two step commands. I can tell her to go into another room to find her bow and bring it back to me, and she can do it! It still amazes me that my baby can comprehend that!

-She "talks" all the time. Really the only recognizable words she says are Mama and Dada. But I think she is saying more words and I just haven't realized what she's trying to say yet.-Her second tooth finally broke through! Not only is she a LATE teether, she's also a SLOW teether. I swear she's been working on this darn tooth for a month ;o)

-Whenever we say "Yay!" she claps. She knows what that means!

-Along with all the cuteness, she has also developed a not-so-cute habit: temper tantrums! :( More on this later, but suffice it to say... they're not cute!She is just the cutest, funniest baby we've ever seen. David and I literally crack up at the things she does all the time. We often look at each other and just bust out laughing at her -- and she LOVES to make us laugh. She's a little ham! I wonder if all parents find their children this hilarious?? Probably so! She really is such a joy -- and I don't need to wait for her month birthday to talk about that, right?! :o)


Ashley said...

It's such a joy seeing her every week....I'm so blessed to be your friend, and I'm determined that Aubrey and Evy will be little pen pals!

Sarah Denley said...

I am amazed at all she can do. It's so weird to me because she's more like a little child now than like a big baby. So cute!

Malinda said...

Hey. I got your comment about seeing us at BassPro. That was so funny. You should have said hello. It wouldn't have been the first time and I wouldn't have thought you were a stalker. Ha. Thanks for reading our blog. Now that we've "met" I'll add you to my list.