Thursday, November 12, 2009

A Few of Aubrey's Favorite Things...

Aubrey is 14 months old today! When did my baby get so old?? It must have been when I blinked. Our little TODDLER (can't really say baby anymore) is as feisty, independent, busy, and adorable as ever! Here are a few of Aubrey's favorite things at 14 months old:

Shoes! She loves these super cute boots especially. When I grab her shoes and tell her to give me her foot, so holds her feet up one at a time to help me put her shoes on. SO CUTE!
Remote controls. She thinks they are phones, but she loves to play with them.

Cell phones. The real deal. No fake phones for this girl, please.
Food! Aubrey loves to eat. She eats almost anything. She loves yogurt for breakfast and veggies for lunch or dinner. I especially love these individual serving steamfresh vegetables -- so convenient!Her pacifier. Yes, she still loves her paci more than ever. We figure it can't really hurt anything since she (still!) only has one tooth. I think David and I are more scared to get rid of it than she is. It's nice to have a "plug." Haha.These are just a few of Aubrey's favorite things. She also loves her pink teddy bear when it's time to go to sleep, running errands (this girl is NOT a homebody!), going on strolls, and we are working on her love for her sippy cup. We've almost completely gotten rid of the bottle. She gets 1-2 a day. Sometimes she just doesn't feel like drinking out of a cup. Of course she does like toys, but she has a new "favorite" every hour. She would pretty much prefer to play with non toy items any day of the week.

Some of our favorite things about her are her silly face, her sweet little voice, her laugh, the way she gets so excited and runs to the door when Daddy gets home from work, her curls, and SO much more. We absolutely love watching her little personality develop. She's just so much fun. I think it's safe to say that SHE is just our favorite thing in general :o)


Nathalie said...

This post warms my heart and makes me so excited about watching my little Emily grow up and her personality develop :).

The Niemeyer Nest said...

Great post Carrie! You are right - she is getting big! Thanks for the great idea about the mini servings of veggies. We need to get some of those. Evie loves to eat frozen peas right out of the freezer.

David Howie said...

She also loves eating scrambled eggs and opening cabinets/drawers.