Thursday, October 22, 2009

Yucky Day

Today we've been under the weather. Miracle of miracles though -- it wasn't Aubrey who was sick this time! Yay! David and I have been the sick ones today. Last night I started feeling really nauseous and yuck. (Let me just go ahead and say it before any of you get ideas -- I know for a fact that I am not pregnant!!) As the night progressed I just felt worse. David was still fine at that point and was able to go get some medicine for me. Sometime during the night though, he woke up and was sick too. I'll spare you all the gory details, but suffice it to say, it was NOT fun! :( I've been feeling better today though. I was able to take a 3 hour nap while Aubrey slept and David fed her lunch this afternoon. That helped a lot. I don't know if we got some food poisoning -- it was weird the way it just came on suddenly and we were both sick at the same time. It also seems like it was really short lived (hopefully!). I don't know what we could have eaten to make us sick though. Well, whatever it was I hope it's GONE, and I really hope Aubrey doesn't get it!!

Well, as I mentioned in my last post, we got an offer on our house. We countered and then they made a counter offer. It was still really low, so we countered again. They refused, so that is officially over. It's ok though because we really didn't get our hopes up on that one. Like I said, it really was a ridiculous offer. Apparently, their real estate agent had looked up how much we had paid for the house 3 1/2 years ago, and the buyers thought they should be able to get the house for LESS than we paid for it. Not even taking into account all the money we've spent on fencing the backyard, putting in hardwood floors, replacing most of the light fixtures, painting every room, installing blinds, etc. Thankfully, we aren't desperate to sell our house, so we will just hold out for a better offer. The house we want to buy is still available, and hopefully it will stay that way until we can buy it!

I'll close with some pictures I took of Aubrey the other day. She loves playing outside. David was going to mow the backyard, so we tied Knightly to a tree while he was mowing. Aubrey kept trying to go play with him. Unfortunately, he plays a little rough. That doesn't stop Aubrey from wanting to play with him (under very close supervision of course!).

Aubrey decided that she would take this opportunity to sample a little dirt while mommy was holding the camera and unable to stop her. That sneaky girl! :o)

My beautiful baby girl!


Nathalie said...

She is SO beautiful!! and I love her clothes!! Where do you find such great (stylish -- not too babyish) stuff??

The Niemeyer Nest said...

I agree - her clothes are so cute. Exciting that you got an offer, I am so sorry it was so low. The market is so bad in NC that we did lose money on our house after updating kitchen, painting etc. Try to think of the deals that are out there - it's so hard for sellers to find qualified buyers that you can get a major "deal" on your next house but you may have to give someone a "deal" on your current home. You are lucky that you do not have to move and the timing will work out for you. Hang in there and know that God has a plan. My friend in Richmond just sold her house in less than 2 weeks it just depends on the market. It's been a real experience for us! Hope you are feeling better. No fun being sick when you are a mom.