Monday, October 19, 2009

We are Family!

We had a fun filled weekend! Saturday was my grandmother's birthday, so we had a little family get-together for her. While we were all gathered together, we took the opportunity to take some family photos. My mom was thinking Christmas card picture. We were able to get a group shot of my whole family while there was someone else there to take it. Here we are:I don't know if this will end up being THE Christmas card picture that my mom uses, but I think it's pretty cute. Especially considering Aubrey skipped her afternoon nap that day and was NOT feeling all the picture taking.

My mom took some pictures of David, Aubrey and me. While I think they're cute, I don't think we'll be using any of them for our Christmas card. Like I said, Aubrey wasn't really feeling the pictures.Please notice that David basically popped a squat in this picture. I didn't want to get the roof line in the pictures, and he was too tall to avoid it, so he bent down expecting my mom to zoom in. She didn't, and this is the picture we ended up with. Haha. Makes me laugh. We can always crop the picture, but I think it's funny as is ;o)

Aubrey loves her daddy! Sharing a little hug while playing in the grass :o)Here is Aubrey with my brother's new puppy, Wayne. Isn't he adorable?? I'm obsessed with him. I asked David if we could get a puppy. He said no.Finally, here are four generations of girls in our family. From left to right: Aubrey and me, my mom, my grandmother (the birthday girl!), my Aunt Cindy, and my cousin Devin.
It was a fun day, and by the end of it Aubrey was exhausted. We put her to bed at 7:45. (She normally goes to bed at 8:30.) She slept great that night!

While the family party was going on Saturday, our house was being shown again. That meant before we left for the party I had to get our house ready. David was at a work day at church that morning, so I had to get everything ready myself. (He came home early and helped with the finishing touches.) Whew! I'll be glad when our house sells. It's a mad rush to get everything perfect and get out the door! Stressful.


Tiffany said...

Great pictures, is that a papillon puppy? I have one and they are such friendly little lap dogs, and Willow is great playing with Riley!

rachel said...

yall are so stinkin cute! and i LOVE your boots!

Anonymous said...

i love that dress! *wink wink* the boots are perfect with it!
Sarah T.