Saturday, September 5, 2009

Happy Saturday!

David and I rented "Taken" last night, since the movie we rented last week was so dumb. It was really good! I wish we had rented it last week when Aubrey wasn't home and we could have had the volume louder. With the volume being low and the accents in the movie, it was kind of hard to catch what was being said. We rewound it a few times, and I think we got the basic jist ;o)

I mentioned that I've been letting Aubrey wear my favorite outfits this week one last time before Labor Day. Well, here's another one of my favorites! Love those Target clothes :o)
I think this last one is so funny -- Aubrey loves to play with the tops from her Gerber baby food. She's learned to press her face against the them, and she always laughs like she's so hilarious. We think she's a little ham! Haha.

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