Saturday, July 25, 2009

Sick Baby

My poor little baby has been sick the past couple of days. She started running fever Thursday, but it was just a low grade temperature, so I though she was finally teething. (I know doctors swear they don't run fever from teething, but moms swear otherwise. Who knows.) Anyway, Friday morning her temperature was higher, so I knew she was actually sick at that point. I assumed it was her ears and made an appointment to take her to the doctor that afternoon. After looking in her ears, throat, listening to her chest, and doing a blood test to rule out a UTI, her doctor said it was just a fever virus. She had a temp of 102.8 while we were at the doctor, so needless to say she felt pretty crummy.

We've been giving her Motrin, and I'm happy that she seems to be feeling much better today. David and I went to a wedding this afternoon, and my grandmother and brothers came over to play with her (they had already been exposed before we knew she was sick). Aubrey always loves playing with her uncles! :o)

As much as I hate seeing my baby not feeling well, I have to admit that I kind of enjoyed it Friday. She just laid in my lap all afternoon dozing off and on. Those of you who know Aubrey know this is not normal. She is a very active baby and usually won't let me hold her for long periods of time. But Friday she just wanted her mommy to hold her all day, and that's exactly what I did. I loved the cuddle time, even though I really wanted her to feel better. I have to take it when I can get it :o) Hopefully she's turned a corner today, and she'll be back to normal by tomorrow. Especially since it's my dad's birthday, and we're going to my parents' for lunch to celebrate! :o)

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