Monday, April 27, 2009

Sickness :(

We're all a bit under the weather here at the Howie household. Aubrey had been coughing all last week but seemed to feel better towards the end of the week. I did call her doctor on Friday just to make sure I didn't need to take her in. The nurse said as long as she didn't have fever we could just watch her. Well, Saturday was the wedding, and I started to feel like I was coming down with a cold. David said he felt like he was getting sick too. Aubrey had a really bad night Saturday night - she just couldn't sleep. By Sunday morning, all three of us were feeling pretty crummy, and we stayed home from church. We checked Aubrey's temperature and it was 101. Mine was 100.

David took Aubrey to the doctor this morning and she has an ear infection in both ears. The doctor said she probably had a virus last week and drainage went into her ears causing the infection. Poor baby! :( She's in a great mood this morning though. The doctor told David that she was the happiest baby with an ear infection that she's seen in a long time. Aubrey's doctor said David and I probably have the virus that Aubrey had to begin with.

Yesterday when I got on the internet, the first thing I saw was something about a state of emergency over the swine flu. I've never even heard of this, but I read that you have flu like symptoms with it. That's what we have - runny nose, cough, fever, etc. So of course I freaked out thinking we all have the swine flu. David thinks I'm crazy (which I probably am) but I can't stop thinking about it. I told David to ask Aubrey's doctor if it could be swine flu. He said she laughed at him. Haha. I just don't know if I should go to the doctor to make sure I don't have swine flu... I'm such a hypochondriac. Haha.

Anyway, just pray that we get better soon! Aubrey got some medicine so hopefully she'll be back to her sweet self in no time. I'll post pictures from the wedding soon! :o)


Emily said...

Don't worry...I have been worrying about the swine flue too! lol

Emily said...

I meant "flu" not "flue" :)

The Williams Family said...

You need to post again and tell everyone that you too have an ear infection!

Sarah Denley said...

Can I just say that I have had to turn of the news, because even though she hardly ever leaves the house at this stage, I am terrified Ann Peyton will get swine flu? You are not alone!