Wednesday, April 29, 2009

doing better

I'm back at work today after being out Monday and Tuesday. I don't think I ever got as sick as Carrie and Aubrey, but I definitely felt pretty lousy.

It was nice to spend some extra time with Aubrey even if she wasn't in the best of moods. Monday evening when Carrie was at the doctor, I was in the back yard with Aubrey. She loves to watch Knightly run around. (I think I'm a distant third - Carrie's number 1 and Knightly's number 2.) Knightly had gotten tired and was just sitting nearby while I paced with Aubrey. She was happy. I would kiss her neck, and she would giggle. That's the best sound in the world.

I've uploaded lots of pictures to my picasa. Check out the different folders. There will be more coming soon.

One of the pictures from before we all got sick:

David Howie


Carrie and David said...

The part about you being a distant third cracked me up -- sometimes I think Knightly is number one. Tonight while you were at church, Aubrey was screaming and refused to be comforted. I opened the back door, and as soon as she saw the dog she started LAUGHING! That little stinker. Knightly is earning his keep by entertaining the baby. ;o)

The Williams Family said...

Aw, I was hoping I was #3. I definitely don't want to be behind a dog!!

Anonymous said...

Hey! Dogs are therapeutic-- this is proof =D So...there are new pics on picassa? I got my hopes up and then they were dashed! Where are the pics?! I love y'alls pics! I need them! Do you have any of Aubrey with Knighly? How does Knightly respond to her? I love you guys!
Aunt Sarah

Carrie and David said...

Hey Amanda,

To move in front of the dog, you have to have 3 qualities:
*First, you have to run around crazy like all the time. Aubrey likes movement.
*Second, you have to have really interested texture to rub - like fur.
*Third, you have to manically lick Aubrey's hands any time she gets close. She seems to like it.

Give these a try next time you see Aubrey. If she's not totally freaked out, you'll be the new favorite.

David Howie

Carrie and David said...

Hey Sarah,

The last 3 folders - "Living Room Floor", "Aubrey Album 7", and "Colorado spring break 09" were all put on in the last 2 weeks. Does that not count as new?

David Howie