Saturday, December 13, 2008

let it snow

It snowed here this week. I'm kind of a snow snob, so I don't count the "I saw a flake in the air" as really snowing. So when I say it snowed, I mean that there was actual snow on the ground. Our house looked like this:

Aubrey didn't get out in it of course, but Knightly did. He didn't seem to like it at all. On our morning walk the next day he would jump over the snow patches and tried to stay on the sidewalk where there was no snow. Not at all like this dog:

I wonder what Knightly would do in that much snow. Probably freak out and run back inside. He spent all day on Thursday in his dog house with the little bit of snow that we did have.

Aubrey is doing well. She turned 3 months old on Friday and is up to about 12 lbs 10 oz. One annoying thing is that she's started sleeping worse. She used to go from 11pm when we went to bed till about 6am. But now she wants to eat about 3 or 4. I chalk it up to a growth spurt, but I hope it passes soon. I'm sure Carrie feels even more strongly about it than I do.

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