Monday, December 1, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

Aubrey is still doing very well. Was 13 lbs last time we weighed her. Seems like she's not changing much, but I noticed the newborn at church seemed really small. And we're having to move up to size 2 in diapers now.

She's started being a little more fussy during the night. Doesn't bother my sleep too much, but Carrie has to reinsert the pacifier more often. I hope that goes away soon. Another new development is Aubrey's marked preference for only Carrie. No one else can calm her down. Not even me. At church she screamed and screamed till Carrie got there and stopped right away. Carrie says it's nice to feel loved, but it's hard not to get a break.

A nice thing though is that Aubrey is starting to be a little responsive. She looks around and laughs. She's really cute...when not screaming. You can see new pictures here:

David Howie


Rebecca said...

Aubrey is so cute! And she does look bigger. My favorite picture was the one where she had just taken a bath. Adorable!

KTElltt said...

HA! This is the plight of stay-at-home moms who nurse. Right after birth they're not as aware, but then they figure out where the food is coming from and they prefer Mom! I couldn't walk away from Carter until he was 18 months old. And Addie still prefers me. It's really hard to get a break from the kiddos!

KTElltt said...

Oh! I forgot to say... The pics are precious!