Monday, September 29, 2008

pediatrician story

Carrie already posted the results of our pediatrician visit - that Aubrey had gained weight and everything looked good. But she left out a funny story. We had both arrived at the doctor's office, filled out the paperwork for the first time visit, and were waiting in the waiting room. There were several other people sitting around. A couple of seats over from Carrie a woman was holding a 2 year old boy. He kind of woke up and looked around. When he saw Carrie, he lunged for her. It looked like he was going to give her a hug, but then he tried to climb up in her lap. The lady apologized and tried to take the boy back, but he screamed and reached for Carrie more. She let him go and made an excuse about him still being half asleep and thinking Carrie was his mother, but he seemed fully awake by this point. Another lady came in who said she was his Nana, but he wouldn't go to her either. So he ended up sitting balled up in Carrie's lap for several minutes. Carrie asked him his name and how old he was. It was all very odd. Other mothers in the waiting room were like "I've never seen anything like that." The boy's Nana said he's usually very shy. Finally they convinced him to get down on the floor to play, but he came right back to give Carrie another hug - I guess to make sure she was still here.

I was glad when they finally called us back for our appointment. It wasn't a big deal except that the boy was snotty nosed and red faced. I hope he wasn't sick.

David Howie


The Williams Family said...

I would like to know just who the little boy thought Carrie was! I think that is too funny!

By the way, I LOVE the new layout!

KTElltt said...

Well, Carrie is very sweet and appealing to children -- that's flattering. And his mom was lucky that y'all are so nice. But honestly, that's why I carry the spoon in my purse. Sounds like the little boy had a bit of an obedience issue. ;)