Friday, August 1, 2008

Next Month!

I got this email from my sweet husband this morning:

Hey Babe,
I wanted to wish you a happy August. We're having a baby next month! Crazy huh?
I love you both.

Yes indeed, it's crazy. Crazy wonderful. Crazy scary. Most of all, crazy exciting. We are so blessed!


Rebecca said...

I looked at David's picasso and I loved all the baby pictures! I was amazing to see the progression. Hard to believe she'll be here in a month!

KTElltt said...

A month. Wow. It seems soooooooooo long. Have the days slowed down for you? I remember the last two weeks for me went agonizingly slow!!! I still want to get by and see the nursery. Maybe Addie and I can come after Daniel and Carter leave for NY this week?

The Williams Family said...

Time is going really quickly for us. Maybe not so for you! I can't believe that I'll be a grandmother in 6 weeks. It makes it seem so much closer to say "next month!"