Wednesday, July 23, 2008

And the furniture saga continues...

Well, this week I got some good news. Our furniture was finally in!! We were both really excited since we have been waiting so long. So yesterday, David and a friend went to pick it up. When they brought the boxes inside our house, David noticed the changing table said "Color: C." He said, "I hope that doesn't mean cherry." I laughed and agreed. Well, after opening the box, we found out that "C" does indeed mean cherry. We opened the crib and it was dark cherry, like it was supposed to be. We could not believe it. Another furniture setback??

I called Nursery Rhymes and explained the situation. They apologized profusely and said they would talk to the owner to see what we should do. They called me back and said they had a dark cherry changing table like the one we had ordered in the store on display. So our options are: get the changing table that they have on the floor and they will give us a $100 store credit, get the changing table they have on the floor and use it until another one comes in, or forget the one on the floor and wait until another one comes in. Obviously, we both think a $100 store credit would be VERY nice since most of the accessories I want for Aubrey's room are from Nursery Rhymes. I asked the girl on the phone if the one on the floor is in good shape. She said it is. So we're going to go look at it and then make our decision.

Honestly, I find this whole thing a little funny. I'm definitely not happy that I still don't have all of my furniture, but I have to laugh about it because what else can you do? We did get to put the crib together last night though. That was so exciting! Let me say, it is a little bizarre to walk by aroom in your house and see a baby bed! It's so cute though. Here are some pictures for your viewing pleasure. Here is David putting the crib together!

This is the crib with the bedding. We don't have a mattress yet though!

Here you can see the chandelier. You can't really tell what it looks like since it was on!

This is a close up of the bedding in the bed.

These are the pretty draperies that my grandmother's sweet friend made for me. I love the pink on the green wall!

We are so happy that the room is coming right along! My glider came in yesterday too! It's funny because I ordered the glider from another store at a different time than the other furniture. But it all came in within a few days of each other! David is going to pick it up today after work.

My advice to any pregnant moms or anyone who is thinking about having a baby for that matter is to start ordering things early! I thought we were doing this way early. I pretty much started picking things out and ordering them as soon as we found out Aubrey was a girl at 18 weeks. Now here I am at 32 weeks still trying to get things straight! I'm so glad I didn't wait any longer, or we might not have had a nursery when we bring her home! We're still waiting to see if we'll have a FINISHED nursery...


Anonymous said...

shoot girlie- i'd take the 100$ and run! lol. this whole thing is morphing into a nightmare! i love the new crib though and those curtains are too cute!

Ashley said...

Girl, that is a BEAUTIFUL room!!! Did you go to interior design school or something...?? haha! I promise we ARE getting together soon. My parents are moving this week and life is insane. But I'm thinking about you!

The Williams Family said...

The room is beautiful and all these furniture happenings are just keeping things fun! Haha!

KTElltt said...

beautiful. when can i come see it in person?