Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Sad nursery news and registering fun!

Well, I have some sad news and some exciting news. (Exciting to me anyway.) The sad news is that I don't get to get the crib that I LOVE and ordered 6 weeks ago! :-( I got a call from Nursery Rhymes today, and I was all excited because I thought they would be calling to tell me my furniture was in. Not so. They had just gotten a call from the company I ordered the crib and changing table from saying that the crib I wanted would not be available in the finish I wanted for a VERY long time. They wouldn't even give them an idea of how long a VERY long time is. So I have a couple of options. I originally ordered the crib and changing table in a dark cherry finish. It was really pretty and would look great with the rest of the furniture in our house. It was a really dark wood without being red. So I can still get the same crib and changing table in cherry instead of dark cherry. However, I'm worried that cherry would be too red for me. I, personally, do not like red wood. My second option is to get the same changing table in dark cherry and pick another style crib that they can still get in the dark cherry. So... I'm basically back to square one on my furniture. This is very disappointing because we literally ordered the furniture 6 weeks ago and have been expecting it to come in any day. I don't know why it took the company so long to say they couldn't get it. I know this is a very small thing in the grand scheme of things, but it is disappointing nonetheless. But I'm sure I'll find something else that I love just as much. Looking on the bright side, this gives David some extra time to get the wainscoting up in the room.

The exciting news is that we're officially finished with childbirth classes! I guess that means we're ready. That's a scary thought! I don't feel ready. I guess this is one of those things that you're never ready for until it's over. Ha! We learned all about infant care and postpartum tonight. I'm relieved to have the classes behind us. I did enjoy them though. The lady that taught them was really good.

Another exciting thing is that we registered at Babies-R-Us tonight. We stopped by on our way home from class. It was fun. But let me just say, it was very overwhelming! I stood on an aisle with literally hundreds of bottles, and looked at David and said, "How do you know which ones to pick?!" Of course he had no clue either. So I decided to come home and research it a little and add some things to the registry later. For example, there are tons of different baby monitors. I want a good, reliable one, but how do you choose? If any of you moms have recommendations on things like monitors and bottles, please let me know! I'm planning to nurse, but I want to have some bottles as back up.

Another difficult thing about registering was trying to be practical. Since we're having a little girl, of course I wanted to register for all of the precious, pink, frilly car seats and strollers and pack-n-plays. But there is a big chance that not all of our children will be girls, and we will want to reuse the big items. So I tried to be good and register for green, gender-neutral things. Neutral things can still be cute though! :-)

All in all, we had fun picking stuff out for little Aubrey. There is still a lot of stuff that we will probably add or change, but it's a start. I still want to register at Target too.


The Williams Family said...

Sounds like you had quite a day! I'm sure that the crib problem will work out just right and I like the way you looked on the bright side about giving David more time in the nursery! I can't wait to see all the things you registered for and as far as advice, sorry but I'm ten years out and you know everything changes. I don't think you'll need to worry about a monitor since I'm sure Aubrey will have your lungs and you won't have any trouble hearing her! Haha! Love, Mom

Tommy, Suzanne, and Mary Peyton said...

bless your heart! i'm so sorry about the crib.....

monitors - we got the sony monitors (audio only) and i love them. i wasn't one of the moms who wanted the video one, but there are some very good ones out there.

bottles can be overwhelming! i guess i'm a little strange - i thought the avent bottles were "cute" and had a few friends recommend them, so i didn't even consider anything else! also, a cousin of mine had nursed and then used avent - she said that it was a very easy bottle to wean a baby to. i ended up not nursing, so that part didn't apply to me....

the room looks cute! sorry to be a stalker from ashley's blog - but babies are great!

good luck!

Joy said...

Sorry about the crib! So sad!
As someone who feeds babies with 10 different kinds of bottles every day, I personally like Avent. They're easy to hold, easy for the baby to suck, and they come in all different stages of flow as well as sippy cups for later on. And they don't leak or get a lot of air in them, like some you have to keep pulling out of their mouth b/c they've collapsed the nipple. They even have handles you can attach to help them learn to hold it themselves. And I hear they make a good breast pump.
There are some other good ones, but they have too many parts to wash/keep clean in my opinion! Hope this helps!

Anonymous said...

so sad about the crib- i loved it too:( but you know, this just means we need another shopping trip! and as much as i would love to be able to offer helpful suggestions...i'm even more clueless than y'all are!-rachel

Ashley said...

1. I don't like red wood either.

2. I went in Babies R Us for the first time the other day and felt completely overwhelmed. But I DID decide on which stroller, highchair, and swing to get when the time comes. But I feel your pain!

3. I'm going to look at my schedule..we need to get together soon!

KTElltt said...

Sorry about the crib. Apparently, Aubrey would like a different one! ;) You'll find what you want. I personally think we need to head to Brookhaven (your mom can come too), pick a crib at Expectations, and eat lunch at Porches in Wesson (YUM!). Bottles? I'm just as clueless. I think I had like three bottles, never used them, other than to put ice water on and let the kids chew the nipples when they were teething. Nursing nazi that I am, are you surprised? HA! I went for just a cheap monitor. It works fine. Carter was in the bed with me almost his first year anyway, and Addie slept through the night at five weeks... Good luck on the choices!

RSchulte said...

I'm a little behind with the posts...but here's my two cents.
1. On the monitor, I was one of those moms that wanted the video monitor. I LOVED it with Nettie, but never used it with Olivia. (don't really know why??) What I liked about it was that I could see her without sticking my head in the room every 5 minutes (which is what I thought I should do...crazy I know!) But they are very sensitive with diff. radio frequency waves. We have a 900 MG phone and it makes the monitor all fuzzy and not work well. So, all in all, unless you just need to SEE Aubrey, I would suggest not spending the $100 or so on it.
2. On the bottles, of course as you know...Olivia would not take ANY... no matter what type it was. But for Nettie, we bought el cheapo gerber brand and she did great! I'm so glad I didn't spend $6 a bottle for her. You might want to wait to buy lots because Aubrey might only use a certain type (or in Olivia's case...none at all!!!) But I have heard a lot of people say the avent bottles are good.