Monday, June 30, 2008

very odd

I’m sure that feeling Aubrey move is always an extremely weird sensation to Carrie since it’s going on inside of her. I only get to feel it with my hand, but it’s still weird to me. Over the weekend Carrie told me to feel her stomach. I put my hand on her, and it was soft. She moved my hand a couple of inches over, and it was very hard. It kind of surprised me – I figured it must be her liver or something. But she said that was Aubrey. I put my hand back in the same spot, and it was soft there. So I had fun poking around until I found Aubrey again (not so sure how fun that was for Carrie). Now the movement isn’t just kicking, but we can feel Aubrey moving back and forth. It’s pretty wild. Must be getting close.

David Howie


The Williams Family said...


Have you felt the hiccups yet? Just wait until Aubrey is even bigger and you can tell which part of her you're touching. It's wonderful.

KTElltt said...

So much fun! Daniel and I used to sit in church and watch as Addie moved. You could literally see her feet!