Saturday, March 22, 2008

Sonogram date and random cravings

I went to the doctor on Thursday for a checkup. Everything is still looking good. I got to hear the heartbeat again. I love hearing that beautiful sound. It assures me that all is well in baby land! The most exciting part of my doctors appointment was that we set a date for the sonogram! It will be on April 16th. Less than 4 weeks and we will (hopefully) know if we're having a boy or girl! I literally cannot wait! I am incredibly excited and curious.

I'm still doing really well. I feel so blessed to have had such an easy pregnancy so far. Hopefully this doesn't mean I'll have an awful labor to make up for it! Haha. I have had some interesting cravings. For a while it was french fries. I'm over that now. Then it was salad. I had to have a side salad with just about every one of my meals. I wish that one had lasted a little longer, but sadly I seem to be over it too. Lately I have really been craving gyros. It's so random.

Friday night I was really wanting a gyro, and David and I were going to hang out with my mom since my dad and brothers were out hunting. So we decided to go eat at a little deli that has good gyros about 15 minutes from my parents house. There is a gyro place about 5 minutes from their house that we could have gone to, but I prefer the other one, so we went there. When we got there, I walked right up to the counter and said I wanted a gyro. The man taking our order proceeded to tell me they were out of gyros!! WHAT?! This is going to sound crazy, but I literally felt tears spring to my eyes. Thankfully, I managed to control them and not burst into tears in the middle of the restaurant.

I ended up ordering a hamburger, but after a few bites, I decided it just wouldn't do. My incredibly sweet husband offered to eat my hamburger for me and take me to the other gyro place on the way home. So I watched my mom and David eat, and then I got my gyro! It was wonderful and worth holding out for! So it all worked out. David got VERY full, and I satisfied my gyro craving. For a short time at least.

I asked David what he would have done if I had burst into tears in the restaurant. Needless to say, he would have been very embarrassed, and I would have been MORTIFIED. He said he probably would have taken me to the car and gone back in to explain that it really wasn't that big of a deal that they were out of gyros. Just those darn pregnancy hormones. Gotta love them.


rachel989 said...

carrie seriously this is hilarious. i'm cracking up!!

KTElltt said...

OMG! He would have taken you to the car like a little child. I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!! OK. Y'all are coming to eat tonight and we're having hamburgers. Should I freeze the beef and go out and kill a lamb and make gyros instead?????

Carrie and David said...

Not like a little child. Like a grown woman who is sobbing in a deli. We couldn't just stand there.

Wait till we get there to kill the lamb. We can have a late Passover Dinner. We'll bring the matzo.

David Howie